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Labour’s Shane Jones reinstated to front bench

Labour Leader David Shearer has reinstated Shane Jones to Labour’s front bench after the auditor-general cleared him of any wrongdoing in an immigration saga.

Lyn Provost this afternoon released the report on her inquiry into Mr Jones’ decision, as the former Associate Minister of immigration, to grant citizenship to Mr Yang Liu, also known as Bill Liu.

She found there was no evidence of any improper motive, collusion or political interference in the decision to authorize citizenship.

Mr Shearer says in a statement he is pleased to welcome Mr Jones back to Labour’s front bench and his return to full duties in the portfolios of regional development, forestry and associate finance.

However, he noted the report criticised processes followed by ministers and officials involved in the Liu incident and other high-risk cases.

Comments and questions

Heaven knows they need him......welcome back Shane, you've been sorely missed.

Well, if this is the best that Labour can offer then they certainly do need help from above.

But personality to burn when compared to the likes of, let's say, Crusher Collins and Hekia Parata. Welcome back, Shane!

Less "sorely missed" and more weeping sore on Labour's Front Bench.

So much smoke by so many on so many occasions, yet no fire? There's a stink trying to be swept under the carpet here...

I call total BS on these findings. A royal inquiry is needed now.

Our political integrity and processes have just been corrupted by this so-called finding. Authorities need to sort this for the health of our political integrity.

Does this mean we all get to pick up the tab for more "special" movies? Surprised he didn't get the film and television portfolios.

You seem to know a lot about the subject of "special" movies stormer and cassandra. Do you chat online? People who live in glass houses...

Strange comment Bluey, mine was a statement of fact. The guy was caught paying for pornographic movies on a taxpayer credit card.

No I don't chat online, got far more productive things to do with my time.

He doesn't do it for me giving the possibly dodgy Asian NZ citizenship.

I betcha Shearer has had to install a DVD player in the back of the seat in front of him, has Air NZ installed the "Shane Jones channel" yet for International travelers??

The Shane Jones channel is one on from the JK "let's sell a law" channel.

Is there any special dealing and/or highly tainted decision-making for political mates which reeks to high heaven which our government appointees any longer judge as anything like corrupt?

NZers re beginning to regard this whole process as farcical...

Once again, the bureaucracy is there to shield the political class. A match made in Heaven, for which the taxpayer foots the bill. Why do we pay for such an ineffective Opposition?

Look no further than who's fronting it.