Laws investigated for smacking

David Farrar

The Herald reports:

Police are investigating former Whanganui mayor Michael Laws after an allegation of child assault was made against him.

Laws, a former RadioLive talkback host and current Whanganui District Health Board member, was reported to police after allegedly smacking one of his children.

The incident allegedly happened at Whanganui Hospital last year. Laws, 56, was there with his three youngest children – Lucy, 9, Zoe, 7, and Theo, 5 – to visit their mother, Laws’ former partner Leonie Brookhammer, who suffered a stroke in August.

The Herald on Sunday understands the alleged smack was witnessed by a nurse in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation ward. She reported it to the DHB and complained to police.

The Herald on Sunday asked police whether Laws was under investigation for allegedly hitting a child.

A spokesman replied by email saying: “Police can confirm they are investigating a child assault complaint made against a 56-year-old Whanganui man.
If correct, and the Police do prosecute, this could be hugely beneficial to the Conservatives as a high profile trial will put the spotlight on the law they want to over-turn.
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Very disappointing, the Police have decided to act on a do-gooder's' tittle-tattle "I'm-telling-on-you" reporting on Laws, when they could be deployed more productively, like: decamping themselves on the Waikato Expressway, nabbing a few motorists doing 103kph.


Isnt it amazing, smacking is now child assault. What an twisted emotive change of terms.
Making a mountain out of nothing.


Just change the undemocratic law


The police should be looking closely at the complainant to get the real picture. Most likely straight out malicious persecution.


Yes and unlikely to be on the blue side of the ideological fence.


The old saying "spare the rod..spoil the child" is absolutely spot-on.

We wonder why (some) kids in this generation have no self control; no respect for their elders; no respect for themselves; no respect for others property...and the list goes on and on.

Just observe tantrums in the local supermarket....through to 'smashed' teenagers throwing up and making complete arses of themselves.

How plain dumb we are as a society to allow socialist academics (including the author of the 'anti-smacking bill, Ms Bradfford) to force on an apathetic society their misguided ideologies.

Now we have a high profile person in Michael Laws being 'told-on' (like back in primary school). The Police have more important things to spend their time on than 'tittle-tattle.

Why not stop the child killings and bashings in a certain culture within this country?? .... or is a white high profile male 'caught' giving his child a smack a more sanitised and acceptable option than the racial outrage at taking on the real problem??


Quite correct. Much easier to persecute (sorry, "prosecute") someone like Michael Laws than deal with the rampant abuse of certain groups of children who would no doubt be greatly relieved to receive nothing more than the occasional gentle smack on the leg.


Excellent comments.

The teenage crime spree in the Waikato over the weekend could easily have been stopped with a short sharp correction in the formative years up to 7.

We can expect much more of this behaviour.

Bring on the conservative party


John Key clinging to Helen Clark's and Sue Bradford's left-wing, the State-knows-best edicts restricting good parents' right to use their commonsense when dealing with a child behaving poorly was an utter disgrace.

This ruling has set parents against each other; encouraged nosey neighbours, vindictive members of the public, and teachers with an agenda to quiz their classrooms.

It's frightening for parents to worry about police suddenly landing on him. Good mothers and fathers report feeling intimidated and nervous

John Key opposed his whole party on this. Who does this former money trader think he is? We should reflect on this.

And why does the NBR restrict its polling to subscribers only? This doesn't give a true picture of wider thinking.


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