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Len Brown says ratepayers want him to get on with the job of being Auckland’s mayor

Auckland Mayor Len Brown told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that most Aucklanders want him to move on from last year’s affair scandal and get on with the job of being their mayor.

“Most people are over it and they want me to get on with the job and that’s what I'm doing.”

“I spend a lot of my time obviously within the community and the feedback in particular since New Year, has been Len get on with the job.  So one, yes I am totally over that, and on with the job, and secondly the community wants to see our city continuing to flourish as it has been over the last six months.”

“I'm everywhere I need to be, I can't be at everything.  I get 80 or 90 invites a week.  I share those invites around our councillors, local board chairs.  I'm out there, I'm in the face of the public of Auckland and I'm on the streets.  They see me there they come up, they give me their view.  Sometimes it's not positive.”

Mr Brown is calling for the government to look at new ways to fund local councils.

The current system only allows councils to use property taxes which Mr Brown said is unfair.

“It is clearly about fairness, and if you'd sat in the number of the meetings that I sat in with the elderly in our community in particular and try to answer their queries - look I'm getting older, my income is flat lined yet my property values are going up, it's really difficult for me to afford rates.  And so it's a genuine attempt for us in local government, not just Auckland but local government to really fix that issue of fairness and also simplicity.  I challenge you to get anyone to simply explain rates.”

Comments and questions

I thought the new sincere Mayor Brown was going to listen to aucklanders.

He only listens to his spin doctors - after telling them what he wants to hear. Maybe a referendum could set him right? Attach a question or two to the next rates demand?

Len... People don't want you to get on with the job. They want you gone.

Abusing elected powers to enable nepotism and political corruption from a morally bereft individual is not what Auckland needs.

You're a Lame Duck, walking political corpse... And your Labour crony's know it, we all know it, because if you were their #1 fan, then be all over your shadow like stink on excrement.

Why aren't they? Because you're a tainted, compromised individual bereft of credibility and long, long past having any mandate.

Grow some humility and step aside.
Seek professional help for your narcissism.

...and just leave Auckland... For good and the good of Auckland.

Embrace the shame you should feel every living moment, use it to grow a sense of what truly is the right thing to do... Resign... And leave.

Ratepayers and NZInc deserve much, much better.

Brown only listens to himself.

The rates burden is not fairly shared and does need review.
Problem is that both of the major political parties have no immediate interest therefore for the present there simply won't be any change.
Len Brown is a politician and he knows the score; simply he's setting this up to make it look as though he is doing something knowing it will get positive support from most ratepayers.
Doesn't alter the fact that he has overseen a council that has given Auckland ratepayers massive debt (and growing)
On a political and personal basis Len should go: simply put he is not up to the job; smoke and mirrors will only last for so long.

Well maybe thats what his cabal of ratepayer funded spin-doctors keep telling him anyway.....every Aucklander I've ever spoken to can't believe he's still there....they all think the man is an absolute disgrace!

Len is a trained lawyer to deny all and everything and knows its all arguable. Only there are many lawyers who lost financially when it came to trying their hand at commerce.

When shown the crowd booing him at the 9s he said that everyone loved him at the event. This guy is a major joke and obviously living in his own fantasy world.

Astonishing ! Clearly he is living in a parallel world.

I too engage with a cross section Aucklanders and NONE express respect, nor do they want him to stay in the important role of representing Auckland.

So I wonder who are these people apparently saying get on with it ?

Unfortunately, it seems we are stuck with him.

Lets hope decent candidates stand in the next election, so we can regain confidence, trust and respect in the person and office of Mayor.

Yes I'd like Mayor Brown to get on with it too. In fact I wish he'd do it with some sense of urgency, i.e., he'd shove off.

I hope Len Brown has a few spare minutes to read these comments, yes most Aucklanders have a strong opinion about what we want him to do in the interests of moving the city forward, Len we want you to resign and drift off into the sunset, spend time with your ego and your family. Take as much time as you like, but go now.

Happy to wish Len all the best moving forward. It's easy enough to sit back and throw down opinions, and some people will obviously still be bitter, but Len's a skilled mayor and to send him packing over a fling with the office bicycle is a bit rough

The fling with the office bike is irrelevant. The relevant, and corrupt aspects that most people are astonished by are:
The nepotism of getting the office bike two council jobs;
The getting of hotel upgrades on account of his position, and not declaring them;
Giving at least one of those hotels millions of dollars of ratepayers' money in upgrading the, perfectly fine, street that it is on.

Did the upgrades and freebies have anything to do with his promises of splurges on Sky City? Did the fact that he took his mistress(es?) there mean that they had some sort of implied hold over him? All of these questions are unanswered - and until they are then Len is a lame duck and is holding Auckland back.

Is that you Len?

If Len seriously believes people want him as mayor he should stand down and ask for a new mandate via an election.The cost of this is insignificant compared with what his incompetence is costing ratepayers.

lets find out if this is the case by having an early election

By rationing land and so forcing up house prices, rate income is increasing at about 12% per year. And, on top of that, he needs to squander and borrow!

"Go, man, go! In the name of God, go!"

You need a new calculator, Brian. 2013 rates income actually went down 2.4%.

From the council's 2013 Annual Report, rates for 2012 $1,379m, 2013 $1,346m, a $33m reduction.

Our rates on 2 separate properties went up 8 and 12% respectively.... The 'rates income' may have dropped, don't know, but INDIVIDUAL ratepayer rates rose.

"People in Auckland want him to get on with the job" - sounds like a broken record, or a delusional man with no cushy job to go to when he loses this job.

Len, we just want you to move on ... period.