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Leveraging off Copenhagen reaches new height of logic

The weird and wonderful sideshow to the Copenhagen summit continues to spread its reach – all in the good name of climate change.

The latest to jump on to a marketing opportunity is petrol company, Gull, offering an eight cents a litre discount on biofuels sold from this morning to 10am Friday - to "coincide" with the summit.

Besides offering discounts on its 98 octane and 91 octane products containing 10 percent bio ethanol, general manager Dave Bodger had a few other pearls of wisdom for the energy consumer.

In case you had escaped noticing Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority campaigns, mail drops, billboards and energy company marketing, the petrol company said there were simple things any Kiwi motorist could do to make the future cleaner for their children and grandchildren.

“Turn off unused appliances, walk to school or work, keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge instead of buying another piece of plastic to throw away, and use biofuels in your vehicle. It’s all quite simple and it will save you cash as well,” Mr Bodger said.

“Bugger where you sit on climate change. There are many possible options that don’t cost time or money and can reduce pollution. This is simple stuff and the best inheritance we can leave future generations.”

And in the most intelligent logic Private Bin has heard on the climate change issue so far, he adds that if the Australian Government has not yet voted in an ETS, it MUST be a good idea.

“If you need a better argument for taking action, look at how New Zealand and many developed countries have implemented an Emissions Trading System, while the Australian Government is incapable of making a decision. If the Aussies have decided not to, logic says it must be a good idea,” he said.

Er herm. Isn’t Gull a family-owned Australian company?

Comments and questions

The EU introduced a disastrous ETS a few years ago. NZ last year.

Which "many developed countries" did Gull have in mind?