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Lights, camera, download: movie to premiere on BitTorrent

May 19 will see the Australian horror film The Tunnel premiering – but not in theatres.  The movie will be available, for free, on BitTorrent.

The horror, about a film crew exploring abandoned, real-life tunnels under Sydney, will release on DVD simultaneously.  The DVD release will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and will include an alternate ending and behind the scenes footage.

The Next Web (TNW) reported that the film generated a lot of buzz when creators offered the 135,000 frames from the movie for $1 a piece.  Investors were allowed to buy 25 frames, or one second, for $25 or a minute for $1,500.  More than 28,000 frames have been purchased so far.

Producer and editor Enzo Tedeschi said in an interview with Torrent Freak that The Tunnel is not about supporting or condoning piracy, “but instead trying to incorporate a legitimate use of peer-to-peer in our distribution strategy internationally”.

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Comments and questions

Finally! The true spirit of the internet highlighted as it was always designed to be - by the people, of the people & for the people.

Before the corporate leeches got involved to make a quick buck on a buck they already made...


THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!! why invest in the money go round that is bricks and mortar retail when you can use peer to peer which is far far cheaper and more efficient?