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Liu changes story about Labour donations

Businessman Donghua Liu now says he has given close to $100,000 in total donations to Labour and its MPs.

Earlier reports by the New Zealand Herald said the Chinese immigrant, who Labour gave permanent residency to against official advice, spent more than $150,000 on the previous Labour government, including $100,000 on a bottle of wine signed by then prime minister Helen Clark at a party fundraiser.

But, in another statement to the NZ Herald made today, the businessman says the money was not for one bottle of wine and included anonymous donations.

He says the payments included about $60,000 on a Yangtze River cruise, on which he says ex-internal affairs minister Rick Barker was a guest.

Last week, Labour leader David Cunliffe faced controversy after he said he had never met or advocated for Mr Liu.

Just a day later, an 11-year-old letter emerged that Mr Cunliffe had written in support of the controversial millionaire's residency application.

After the letter came to light, Prime Minister John Key said he would be "very, very amazed" if details of a larger donation did not emerge.

Comments and questions

He's done more U -turns than a dodgy plumber.

Agreed. Any politician that hangs his hat on anything this man says needs help. Key beware, this guy will sink you too if it suits him.

He is already an albatross around Keys neck. To the public Keys flirtation with this dissembling fraud looks very tin pot. National will do anything to win whether or not it is ethical.

Kick him out of the country

"Very very amazed" the dirty tricks brigade screwed up

Sounds like John Key is telling him what to say.
Very fishy,who would you trust?

Gets harder every day to know which polly is telling the truth.

Liu is a complete dork - an embarrassment to the Chinese who live in this country

Not at all. In fact, on the contrary.

It is time that someone from Asia stands up to and exposes some NZ politicians for the hypocrites they are.

Especially the politicians who would accept favors but turn on the sponsors when it suits them.

Remember how Owen Glenn turned the tables on Winston Peters? Who came out looking really stupid?

A dodgy Chinese business man exposing corruption?. Now that was funny.

Dodgy or not, he has exposed hypocrisy and for that, everyone should be grateful. Nothing reeks worse than blatant hypocrisy.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The one thing worse is blatant mud dredging and news manipulation by a political party who will sink to any means to win. That is blatant hypocrisy, oh that and supporting said behavior if you are a voter.

As the old saying goes, "When you sleep with dogs, you catch fleas"

Where was Barker's declaration?

Probably the same place as Collins.

Was it Liu or sloppy reporting again from the Horrid?

There will be more to come out about this.

Labour still haven't accounted for his donation of any size. More tricky accounting from union funded political party... And plenty of unions have form with rip offs. Just ask Labours COS...

What has he donated? The money to the rowign club does not need to be decalred, the boat ride was not a donation to Labour, the $15k book purchase - but that cannot be found. whatelse has he donated ---- who knows what and to whom.

The lesson is dont publish until you research and confirm..........especially when you are being led/fed by a political party.
Perhaps NBR could offer to wash the egg from the Herald's face?

So many questions over Liu including if he delivered the promised investment, perhaps time to re consider his residency given the criminal aspect as well.

Amazing how quiet Winston Peters has been over the whole affair? A perfect scenario for him - Chinese (race), corruption, immigration and deep mud to wallow in.

Maybe, Liu has neutralised him through a donation too?

Mr Peters says, “we don’t want to be dragged into this. That’s why we have remained silent.”
NBR Publisher

So do we get to see the actual statement by Liu this time or is it disclosed only to the Herald (like the first wrong one)?

Methink, in liu of facts, it is plausible that Dong can be dangled as a Chinese global conspiracy, designed to destabilize New Zealand. That will eventually lead to the invasion of this fair land, starting from Auckland. especially Dominion Road. Dong is the vanguard of zillions aimed rapidly corrupting politicians of all ilks. This is no laghuadong matter!!!