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Christchurch people confused about education plans

Confusion reported by education leaders in Christchurch arises because of uncertainty about some closure and merger proposals.

The Education Ministry announced yesterday that 13 schools are destined for closure and 18 for mergers.

But the mergers and/or closures in some cases depend on geotechnical reports.

For example, Banks Ave Primary School is destined for closure, according to the information published by the ministry.

But there is also an option of relocation, depending on geotechnical reports.

Similarly, Avonside Girls High School is destined to merge with Christchurch Girls High School, “and operate as a dual shift or merge or close, awaiting geotechnical report”, according to the ministry report.

Others, such as Shirley Boys High and Christchurch Boys High, are similarly treated in the ministry information.

Details and refinements are likely to emerge as consultation with the government gets under way and local aspirations take shape.

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Comments and questions

It's official: The government is completely bonkers.

Hardly surprising when you see who the minister is -- and her deadbeat whanau who have been given sweet positions in the education ministry.

National Party innit

I don't think Chch people will let this be driven from Wellington. Expect to see the Ministry with burnt fingers here.

A bungled announcement.

Unfortunately, with so many schools needing major reconstruction, and so many families relocating, we do have to look at how best to rebuild the education sector, and where school's will be needed.

Christchurch school enrolments have shrunk by up to 10%. When major retailers choose not to rebuild in the eastern suburbs, it's a very clear signal that the locals have voted with their feet, and it would be irresponsible for the government to waste our tax dollars rebuilding all of the 200+ schools in the city.

The good news in the announcement, which the media have largely ignored, is that new schools will be built in the areas where the displaced red-zoners have moved to (south west toward Rolleston, north west toward Rangiora).

I sense nothing but trouble for National from this.

National seem to have lost their touch;another bungled reform following on from wefare, asset sales.
Something is lacking in the PR department.