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Long time subscriber snaffles Mini Cooper prize

Peter Merton did not get much time to enjoy his National Business Review prize of a Mini Cooper.

Mr Merton, who said he had been a print subscriber since the late 1990s, was the lucky NBR subscriber to win the Mini Countryman Cooper S, the first with four doors and four-wheel-drive and valued at $63,000. He was presented with the car at the Mini garage in Ponsonby this week by NBR managing editor Todd Scott and Mini brand manager Simonne Mearns.

NBR's new subscriber prize is 28 nights accommodation staying at the Small Luxury Hotels of the World

The space of a photo was all the time Mr Merton had with the car, after which wife Jenni took it out for a spin.  Asked what his plans for the car were, Mr Merton said NBR was speaking to the wrong person.

After getting over some initial suspicion that the congratulatory call from Mr Scott was a wind up, Mr Merton said he was grateful to have won and it was much appreciated. “After I decided I didn’t recognise any of the voices then it was okay.”

He had told friends and family, who had asked how someone like him had won something like the Mini, he said.

Mr Merton said NBR was really New Zealand’s only business newspaper, which he read for updates and some financial market information.

While he was comfortable with the new car, thanks to his wife taking a shine to it, Mr Merton said he was still in the market for a replacement for his Hilux. 

NBR print and online subscribers can win a luxury European escape including 28 nights accommodation at Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties. For more see NBR's subscription page.

Click the 'play' button on the box below to hear NBR managing editor Todd Scott's call to Peter Merton informing him of the good news.

Comments and questions

A Mini Cooper as the prize? Wow. Im really speechless. That car is my dream car! For me the Mini Cooper is the best car of them all. Look at that ride in the picture. Very neat and clean. You can really see that it has quality parts equipped on it. This car has all the good parts that Im looking for. And I will buy all the good car accessories from some auto parts stores to upgrade this car. You see, Im really jealous.