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Lorde wins at Grammys: gives 'witchy, twitchy' performance

Singer Lorde has won Best Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Royals" at the US recorded music industry's awards but missed on her other two nominations, Best Pop Vocal Album and Record of the Year.

Best Pop Vocal Album went to Bruno Mars for "Unorthodox Jukebox." As Ella Yelich O'Connor, Lorde shared the song-writing award with Joel Little. Record of the Year went to Daft Punk with Get Lucky.

In the second live performance of the telecast, Lorde gave a pared-down performance of her 2013 hit “Royals.”

The Wall Street Journal reports within seconds, social media was abuzz with fashion reactions: "her fingers looked like they’d been dipped in black wax, her typically curly hair was teased into a thick auburn blanket, and some likened her black and white outfit to a catering ensemble," the Journal's bloogers write.

"Even though 'Royals' is hard to resist, her witchy, twitchy stage presence seems to confuse folks who lust for a more conventional pop performance. But there’s plenty of confidence in her weirdness — a reminder that not every teenage girl yearns to be like Taylor Swift.

"The real puzzler here: Why did she perform right after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won best new artist, a category she (mysteriously) wasn’t nominated for?"

Lorde has four nominations: Song of the Year ("Royals"), Best Pop Vocal Album ("Pure Heroine"), Best Pop Solo Performance ("Royals") and Best Record of the Year ("Royals").

Others to perform live have included Taylor Swift, Pink and Nate Ruess (of Fun), Robin Thicke and Chicago, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr,

Comments and questions

Has anyone viewed the lyrics of this song, Royals? Is there nobody brave enough to say they're utter rubbish?

Lorde is a beautiful young woman, and its sad to see her caught up in the bizarreness and dead-end of the pop-rock world. Look what happens to most of them...

It's even sadder to think how many young girls will now be turned away from worthwhile aims and ambitions to want to centrestage in front of a mob of the mindless, turning themselves into near-anorexic little damaged teens and preteens to do so.

What has happened to us all?

... it seems that aging is "what has happened to us all". In my generation, Elvis and co were regarded as "rubbish or product of the devil", followed by other "rubbish".... the truth is simple. Age is what happened ":)

Sorry, Anonymous. That's just a cop-out. We can't dodge the question of what *is* actually good, what not-so-good - and what is basically trashy. Lorde's song is trashy.

To pretend there is no distinction is to say there is no such concept as some things beings better than others...some things more worthwhile to learn to study, to be, do - than others.

In that case, why have schools? Why elect to not cheat children of worthwhile things? Why give them ideals to aim for, to become the best human beings they can be ?

Mind you, these things certainly aren't what the schools now teach our young New Zealanders. Everything has been dumbed down and politicised - and the results are all around us.

But the adults frenetically promoting this rubbish as worthwhile are answerable to our young...

What is worthwhile for a child to aspire to ???? Some want to be excell in business to be Entreprenuers, some wish to be teachers or nurses, otheres want to be Artist - to express themselves through Music and Art or even designing video games or make movies. When asking a young person what they what to be when they grow up they should all answer "To be happy" something our school system does not teach them. BTW I think Royals is a great tune and the lyrics are poetic and deep. And I'm an old boy who grew up with parents who frowned on my choice of music now called classic. .