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Lydia Ko wins second tournament as a pro, pockets $US270K

Lydia Ko has won her second as a professional, and her first on American soil, birdying her final hole to take the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic in California.

The 17-year-old Kiwi golfing sensation collected $US270,000 ($NZ319,000) for her efforts, and will move up to number two in the next world rankings.

ESPN described Ms Ko as "Poised and unflappable".

The tournament began with the crowd singing "Happy Birthday" to the Kiwi to celebrate her 17th birthday.

It ended in a tense finish today as Ms Ko, who took the lead overnight, held a two shot lead with four holes to play.

Stacy Lewis and Jenny Shin sliced Ko's lead to one shot with one hole to play, but the New Zealander held on to win.

Ms Ko now has six victories at pro events, though contested four of them as an amateur.

It's likely her victory will be seized on by the Taxpayers' Union, which has already said the young athlete should receive no more money from the government.

The Union's call came aftter New Zealand Golf asked for $208,000 in taxpayer money to help pay for Ms Ko’s coaching, physiotherapy and mental skills training this year.

Comments and questions

If she continues playing this way, whatever the taxpayers gifted to her she will be repaying the taxpayers in many ways.... we need to be patient. Further, why quibble about 208K when we spend $25M for America's Cup and millions for the royal visit?

Money well spent indeed. Her name will be recognised already in the USA. By comparison, few Americans have ever heard of The America's Cup.

Well what about the rest of the pack out there, what is going to stop them putting their hand up for contributions from the taxpayer, to fund their "Shrink" appointments and the like??
Do you "Do Gooders" assume that we are one of the richest countries in the world!! we all know Labour/Greens and the Mana outfit think so!! it is mind boggling what is expected from the Tax Payers and Rate payers in this Country.
I used to be self employed, and do you know 47.5% of my turnover, ended up in Govt hands one way or another, and if the Labour/Socialists get a hold of the Chq book, I might as well sign 100% it to them to give away, because that is the way they are/want to structure the place, and with the Greens we will get very close to a Communist State.......well done Shane Jones for putting on the Roller Skates!!!!

Yep ... good old NZ tall poppy is alive & well ...... Might be just as hard to keep her a "kiwi" ... I'm sure they would love to have her back representing Korea.... or Australia for that matter .....

My thoughts exactly

LK could be a Kiwi in the spotlight for many years to come.

We need to do everything we can to keep her domiciled in NZ and as a kiwi citizen.

I was rather hoping she might start paying some of the money back....

Get real

She'll bail as soon as it suits - just like all the tech companies. Cheesy ads for apartments aren't the sporting $ rainbow

Is her winning taxable in NZ? If so I,m sure it,ll be a good investment.

We helped her get going, she is now a success, so time to let her fly without further taxpayer money.
The money can be used to help the next up and coming person.

With winnings like that, plus endorsement deals lining up, it is time to cut the cord and help the next ones coming on through, lets face it, there is a difference between helping out and sucking the system!!!
We've set her up hugely, it's time for others now!!!!