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Man free-climbs Auckland's Metropolis in Samsung publicity stunt

Auckland CBD workers on their lunchbreak today were treated to the sight of a man scaling the outside of the Metropolis apartment building, without ropes.

He was infamous free-climber Alain Robert, known as "the French Spiderman".

Organisor Colenso BBDO says Mr Robert (51) has just landed in New Zealand to put Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch through its paces (and the gadget could use a lift after some mixed reviews).

A three-hour viewing event was staged around the climb, promoted under the Twitter hashtag #dontletgo.

Mr Robert has been arrested after several free-climbs of tall buildings, including a 2008 effort that saw him scale the 52-story New York Times building before unfurling a banner protesting global warming.

Today, the only minor drama came at the top of his climb. The Frenchman judged a rope let down for him to pull himself over the final ledge wasn't strong enough for his liking. He finished off by walking through an open window.

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