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Marmite drought drags on

Sanitarium says repairs to its Christchurch factory are progressing well, but Marmite is unlikely to hit shelves again this month.

The popular spread was meant to be back on sale in July, but this was pushed back to October.

The factory, which is the only one in New Zealand to produce Marmite, was closed late last year as a result of earthquake damage.

Sanitarium now says reconstruction of the factory is almost complete.

"We still have some final interior work to complete before the repair and recommissioning of our production line throughout October/November so that the time-honoured craft of making and blending Marmite can begin.

"There will be a time lapse between the start of production and the availability of product on-shelf.

"We have not set a back-on-shelf date yet as we anticipate we will have some production hurdles to overcome."

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Comments and questions

Sanitarium is a sc*m company in my opinion managed by morons. A shame I like their products though. Their bully boy tactics in not allowing the original namesakes to be sold even while no local stock is being made is arrogance in the extreme especially as anyone knows the taste and look of these overseas competitors is vastly different. Simply due to Sanitariums own actions I have discovered they dont even pay tax riding on the religion charity status. Well I for one would like to see some levelling of the financial / tax playing field and Sanitarium forced to pay their fair share like all the other brands must, especially as they prove to be such mercenary corporate traders on the brand name issue.
Shame on them !

Tax avoidance is a legitimate endeavour. Just ask our Revenue Minister.

English Marmite is available, and has always been available at your supermarket. It is simply re-branded as "Our Mate" for the NZ Market.

Oh I didn't know that, thanks!

I've got a jar of Ozzie Mighty Mite and it's a lot closer to NZ Marmite than the UK swill. But neither matches the Real Thing.

I wonder if Inland Revenue will go after them for tax avoidance?

Sanitarium have to protect their trademark or they lose it, the joys of trademarks. If they let people parallel import the non rebranded english stuff, they potentially lose the marmite trademark and that would never be acceptable to them.

They should have moved the factory to another city.

If you mix vegemite and promite, you get almost the exact flavour as marmite.

I believe regardless of the trademark dispute nonsense the poms really own the brand, but now I'm used to (& prefer) the NZ stuff I plan to try your 50/50 mix idea - thanks.

what are these people doing. Is marmite similar to alchemy? you would think so the trouble they have making the stuff. I thought it was just yeast! Their business continuity plan is obviously rubbish

Stop the winging and start your own factory producing a superior product- that will teach them!

I now make my own: Some dark soya sauce, bread, pepper, salt, a little sugar, all in the food processor until the right consistency

sounds awful