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Maurice Williamson not ruling out return to cabinet

Disgraced MP Maurice Williamson is not ruling out a return to a Ministerial role after resigning his portfolios this week.

Mr Williamson told told Q+A's Susan Wood he doesn’t think it is time to call it quits.

“I think the best judge of that will be the voters of Pakuranga.  I put my trust in them any day, and if they said to me by way of the ballot box get out, I'd been gone within seconds.  I don’t ever want to go into parliament as a list MP,” he said.

When asked if it seems the rest of his career would be on the back benches, Mr Williamson replied, “that’s a bit prejudicial Susan.”

He said, “Well how many ministers have ever had to step down from their position and then have come back again?”

When asked, “So you think you’ll be back again?”

Mr Williamson said, “I didn’t say that, I just said how many have, it possible, it happens ... IIt's totally in the hands of others and their decision making, but I don’t think you should rule that out,”

He also denies claims of cronyism.

“I don’t help just people because they're rich party donors.  I want to get that right out of the way.  I've had people come to my constituency office that are as poor as a church mouse.”

Mr Williamson said he had “way better times” in his life than right now. It's been rough on family, wife taken a real hard hit, the kids are all — they’ve gotta go to school tomorrow and they’ll all cop it at school I guarantee it.  Staff, I've had staff that have worked for me for 27 years are in tears.”

He added, “I made a mistake.  I shouldn’t have made the call.”

See the full interview here.

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Comments and questions

For goodness sake, why not just take the hint and retire.
Unlike some of a few local constituents who are very vocal in waxing lyrical, I was only affected by matters he was minister of and reckon he never followed through and largely failed to deliver.
Maybe my Nat party donations weren't big enough.

Maurice is my electorate MP. He is right in saying that he does a lot of this kind of stuff for his constituents, as all good and long-serving electorate MPs do.

And he's right that after 27 years as an MP, he still should have known how this might be perceived.

And maybe, if Collins hadn't been under pressure and Maurice hadn't been outside Key's circle, Key could have gone into bat for him and he could have got through, a bit bruised but integrity intact.

As it is, he's taken a hit in one of those tough calls that sometimes happen.

He can be a bit arrogant can Maurice, but he probably deserved better than this. The really sad thing: 27 years and it ends like this.

Incredibly, Mr Williamson still thinks he has done nothing wrong.

He likes to remind people "that he has done this sort of thing lots of times for his 'constituents' over the years". Now I'm sure what he sez is correct, but surely the real question is, "how many of them were unable to speak English, were substantial donors to the National Party, and who also happened to be facing serious domestic assault charges"?

Ethically I suppose Maurice was wrong but what a storm in a tea cup and punishment totally unrelated to the crime.