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How Metro served up Jimmy the Fish

Ponsonby-loving Metro magazine has plugged a fish shop that is not yet open.

Under its Best of Auckland food section, where it rates the top food outlets in the city, Metro awards "best fishmonger" to Jimmy Gerard of Jassid Fish.

"Look for his new stall at Ponsonby Central, under the name Jimmy the Fish," the blurb reads.

When NBR ONLINE visited Ponsonby Central, it found Mr Gerard's stall boarded up with plywood, with flyers tacked onto the board reading: "Jimmy the Fish. Coming Soon."

Some readers might think Mr Gerard was given the award for his Jimmy the Fish stall. 


Part of Metro's take on yet-to-be-opened-for-business Jimmy the Fish

But Metro editor Simon Wilson says that is not so. They gave Mr Gerard the award based on his work at the La Cigale market in Parnell.

"We've written about him before. He's just changed the name and he's opening a new location. But we know his work and how he operates."

Mr Wilson says Metro wanted to stay up to date with Mr Gerard's latest store name, so they included a mention of that. 

"It's not a brand new place so much as a relocation of an existing place."

So that's all right then.

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Comments and questions

Botswana Butchery all over again. And how did that work out for them?

NBR: "So that's all right then."

No, it is most certainly not. Conferring accolade on a yet-to-be-opened business, lies somewhere between favouritism and laziness.

Relocation doesn't guarantee exact replication as to what was at La Cigale. Talk about Metro taking short cuts and/or buddying-up.

Call me Mr Skeptic, because that’s my name. Any chance that this commendation was linked to an ad campaign?

Well, I am sure Jimmy the fish will be hoping that he is like Botswana Butchery. Metro picked them as a winner and I would say that they are one of the busiest restaurants in Auckland, just as I am sure Jimmy will be. Good luck Jimmy, although I doubt you will need it.

This sort of thing demostrates the conflict between commercial media and real journalism (is there any real journalism left?). It's all about doing deals with your mates.

Look at other examples, like the law firm awards. They are a total joke - all about marketing.

Still, this was Metro. Does anyone read it any more?

Nothing to see here people. The award is clearly given to Jimmy Gerard of Jassid Fish. They then go on to mention in passing his new premises in Ponsonby. Don't see why people are making a big deal of this.

And I don't have any connection to Metro or Jimmy or Jassid Fish, in case anyone asks. Don't even really like fish unless it's wrapped in batter.