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A "middle range" existence? How the Cunliffe's $550K annual income breaks down

TV3 reported:

“Mr Key spent time in the money markets and has a personal fortune, which is many times our reasonably middle-range existence.”

A middle-range existence?

The Leader of the Opposition gets a salary of $268,500 a year and a superannuation subsidy of almost $30,000 so a remuneration package of around $300,000 a year.

David’s wife is a partner in an Auckland law firm. A 2012 survey found the mean earnings is $244,460. Karen Price is very highly regarded and I suspect would be earning well over the mean, but let’s go with the mean. The idea isn’t to speculate on her as an individual, but to test the claim of a “middle-range” existence.

The household income is probably around $550,000 per annum. Now there is nothing wrong with that. In fact I think  should be proud that he has had a very successful business career, and now parliamentary career. It is a good thing. You can talk about how you hope others can be as successful as you are.

But what is not a good idea is to try to downplay your wealth, in an attempt to paint others as even more wealthy, for political attacks. People know John Key is very wealthy. He has never ever hid that.

The median household income is $70,180. If your household income is around $550,000 a year that is not a “reasonably middle-range existence”.  That’s eight times the median income. Definitely part of the 1%, not the 99%.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Cunliffe has never been good with numbers, or comprehension..

...or CV writing, accuracy with details, or political philosophies.

CunningCV is desperately trying every "attack" angle he can think of to deflect attention away from further scrutiny of his polling, his woeful performance to date and his MP's and coalition partners having secret deal meetings in Coatesville.

Labour corruptly using TVNZ property for Party meetings and the outing of a Labour Party wanna-be doesn't help Cunliffe either.

Maybe he could try and produce fully costed policies for NZ Inc to evaluate? It's a radical idea for a Labour Party I know - but it's been month's and month's since L&G told all of NZ how we can save between $220-330 p.a on our electricity. And with such accurate financial detailing, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to understanding how both L&G arrived at such accurate figures.

David Cunliffe - release the policy details! ...and show us the money!

They lost their calculator. And when you are giving away other people's money, who cares about where the decimal point goes anyway.

Symptomatic of a tragic belief that we must aspire to be and can be the best in the world, but a reluctance to be financially recognised for achieving that goal. Well done cunliffe and key for achieving such great financial success! Irrespective of political views they should be applauded by all of NZ.

Astonishing that anyone uses Cunliffe's name in the same sentence as John Key's, these 2 men are millions of mile's apart as far as credibility is concerned and one is the complete hypocrite!!
Key gives his Prime Ministers income to Charity, I bet Cunliffe doesn't even give any sort of donation to anyone out of his own bank account.
Key made his money out of his own decisions and is completely self made and he is running our Country along the same lines, that is more than likely why we are one of the Worlds leading economy's post the World financial crash.
Obviously Cunliffe acknowledges that too!!! as before an Election date has been contemplated, he is starting to evaluate how he is going to GIVEAWAY our recovering economy!!
You are a poor excuse for a person to run our Country Mr Cunliffe.
Don't even think about comparing yourself to a very good Prime Minister, that is doing an exceptional job of recovering our Country!!

Key does not give his salary to charity.

And what is his Herne Bay house worth on top of that? The guy is a narcissist only interested in the sound of his own voice and having power over others.
A very strange image for a Labour leader veering left. Millionaire socialist.?? Come on!

How can Labour be credible with this guy as leader when he cant bear the thought of leaving Herne Bay

Maybe Cunliffe's perceptions are being distorted by the current income scales being hefted around the 9th floor. Next to Key, he's a pauper.

Besides, what's wrong with millionaire socialist? Millionaires are my favourite variety of socialist. Must be a slow news day if it's come to this.

It's all small beer anyway. English footballer Wayne Rooney has just signed a 5 year contract for $600,000 a week.

Absolutely. You've nailed it. Cunliffe's reputation is back on track.

Millionaire socialist is absolutely right. Ahhh, the hypocrisy. Don't forget even Lenin had a Rolls Royce, courtesy of Russian taxpayers. A Silver Ghost model, from memory.