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Moon Man Ken Ring rides again with another round of predictions

Moon Man Ken Ring has all the info you need for 2012.

His book Ken Ring’s 2012 Predict Weather Almanac for New Zealand will be released in September through Random House.

For the grand sum of $50, readers can find out exactly what the weather will be doing.

The 2012 almanac has “must-have” features found in his earlier volumes, with day-per-page forecasts.

It includes gardening advice and moon position information, as well as a ski season summary, but it’s unknown whether predictions on life-changing events and earthquakes will be included.

Biodynamic planting guides will rock the world of gardeners all over the country.

Mr Ring – aka the Moon Man – has created controversy in New Zealand with his method of predicting weather, and more recently earthquakes, by the cycles of the moon.

However he has a huge following and an apparently high strike rate for reliability according to his weather following fans. Some critics of his quake predictions have said the sheer number of days on which Mr Ring has predicted seismic activity ensured that some of his forecasts coincided with aftershocks (some opponents also claim he can't predict the weather).

Mr Ring has already published 16 books on weather and climate in New Zealand.

He has produced his annual almanacs since 1999.

Comments and questions

Why do people listen to this guy? His predictions are complete rubbish, no scientific basis, and worse than random. Don't waste your money.

Isn't it amazing that modern science still wants to equate any study of the gravitational effects of the moon as being "astrology"? Yet the effects of the varying gravitational force of the moon are patently obvious in tides, and also although not readily noticeable, on the earth's thin crust. Therefore, the same forces will act on our atmosphere especially when it is laden with moisture. Yet nobody in the weather forecasting fraternity appears to have incorporated these scientific facts into their weather modeling?

"Isn't it amazing that modern science still wants to equate any study of the gravitational effects of the moon as being "astrology"? Anonymous. You are typical of large portion of the population who are blissfully ignorant of scientific knowledge and its application and yet happy to make sweeping statements that proudly proclaim that ignorance. My god gravitational and magnetic fields, mascons, the doppler effect etc etc all about the moons effect are completely outside your understanding and yet you make a statement like this!!??? No wonder Ken Ring continues to sell books.

I'm betting that "Anonymous" | Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 4:57pm is Ken Ring

Liquid core beneath. Liquid oceans. Fluid air above. Thin crust in between.

Nah, moon tides can't have any effect, right?

PT Barnum's maxim "There is a sucker born every minute" is the foundation for Ken Ring's marketing strategy.

He certainly can not be any more wrong than Metservice - who I believe only use a crystal ball anyway.

Bring it on - more input the better informed we are....

who cares if his warning on quakes are wrong - at least if they are listened to people will be wary at the given time - which irrespective of what you think of Moon makes them more careful and we are less likely to have loss of life..

Please tell me what’s wrong with that? O sorry that’s right you and the that which passes for news service in NZ actually wants loss of life and destruction as it sells more than people being careful…

Or give it to TV3 they know how to misrepresent the facts.

Now I wouldn’t want to be cynical at all would I…

Guy Royal why not attack the argument. Why attack the person? If the NBR wants to write a sensible article they should quote a study of the accuracy of the different forecasting services or do their own

I predict several tremors in chch before next monday. some will be 3 to 4 range. have that inspired advice for free people.

they guy is a compare his predictions too actual and he's about 32% correct...from memory....metservice was 64% correct last year....he's less than a 50-50 chance. the guy is a fraud and a freak show...if you follow are THICK!!

I wonder if Ken Ring knows the difference between to, too and two - moron!

there you go. a 4.1 in west coast just minutes ago. this ken ring schtick is just too easy.

Take him as you find him. I just don't understand why this is in the 'National Business Review' - unless insurance companies are watching ;)

Is he able to predict what sort of a day John Campbell is going to have?

He said he was going to stop predicting quakes at the end of May. The man can't keep his word for five minutes. What else can you expect from a clown?

Wow some people take this very seriously Ill just wait and see what happens and if he's right he's right and if not well he's wrong.If the moon can effect however many trillions of litres of water (oceans) well it might effect other things too but believe what u want

"if he's right he's right and if not well he's wrong" - "Mr Ring said there would be no more quakes after April, and rubbished scientists' predictions that aftershocks could continue until early 2013" - Major earthquake on 13 June. - HELLO?!

Ken Ring just recyles weather charts from 19 years and 11 days ago, repackages it and sells it to the gullible. The weather doesn't recycle like that, if it did everyone would be using it. But go ahead and buy his book, it's a tax on stupidity.

the gentleman that can predict the weather forcast is a genius I have studied his books on weather forcast and they are spot on. weather forcast on TV, try to get it right.




This man needs to crawl back under the rock he came out from under, he has done enough to the people of ChCh.......earthquakes CANNOT BE PREDICTED!!!