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Another Telecom email foul-up

UPDATE 3pm: Telecom says the issue is resolved.

June 22: Telecom's horror run with email continues.

This morning multiple people have complained online about a fresh wave of problems.

In a statement, the company told NBR ONLINE:

Since this morning, some Xtra customers have been unable to send or receive emails through Outlook.

Telecom apologises for the inconvenience and is fully focussed on resolving the issue and restoring service to its customers as soon as possible.

Customers can still use their webmail accounts ( which are unaffected by the issue.

A spokeswoman said it was not known how many customers were affected but it was "not all customers".

Telecom admits some email problems continue from Tuesday glitch; addresses compo

UPDATE May 18: Some Telecom Broadband customers are still having email problems caused by a glitch that hit Tuesday.

"The majority of the email backlog caused by a technical issue has cleared now, and service levels appear to be normal, although a few customers may still be experiencing intermittent service with their email," spokesman Richard Irvine told NBR ONLINE this afternoon.

"We're obviously monitoring the situation very closely, and would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused. If customers are continuing to experience difficulties, we urge them to contact the customer service team on 123 so we can resolve their issues as soon as possible."

Asked if any business or residential customers would qualify for compensation, or had approached Telecom on the issue, Mr Irvine replied: 

"Yes, some business customers have inquired about compensation and we will assess each on a case-by-case basis."

Angry reader Stewart Knowles told NBR, "The delay in email partly wrecked a business meeting that participants had flown in for from all over the country, [because] meeting papers are emailed out.

"A simple email from Xtra - or a txt to my Telecom mobile - to alert its customers of the problems would have helped enormously.

"It’s basic that any business informs its customers of product issues that may affect them. I searched their site and couldn’t find any “in your face” information, but it was there, deep down within the site if you used advance search."

Have you been affected? Email Chris Keall.

Telecom beavers away on email backlog

UPDATE May 17:  A Telecom spokesman updates: of 10AM this morning, 95% of emails in the backlog had been delivered. The remaining emails are being progressively delivered.

"We’re continuing to monitor the situation closely and apologise to customers affected by these delays."

Another email foul up hits Telecom business customers

May 16: Telecom says that since Tuesday morning, some Xtra and Officemail customers have experienced intermittent delays in email delivery, due to "a technical issue."

A spokesman told NBR ONLINE "Telecom has worked closely with email service provider Yahoo! on this issue, and we believe this issue is now resolved. However, there is a substantial queue of email to be delivered in Yahoo!'s infrastructure. Customers will see their emails arrive as the backlog clears and service levels return to normal. Our technicians continue to monitor the situation closely."

The spokesman said the situation was unrelated to last week's "Sorbs" issue, which saw a spam filter inadvertently blacklist addresses.

Telecom Broadband (formerly branded as Xtra) outsourced its webmail services to Yahoo's Australian operation in 2007 - a move dubbed a fiasco at the time amid ongoing technical problems and customer confusion over the transition to the service then known as Yahoo!Xtra "Bubble."

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Comments and questions

Telecom advised me over a week ago that there was an issue delivering to Hotmail addresses. As of this morning, that fault - or one just like - was still occurring.
It is ridiculous that we have to depend on the news media for this information. Why can't the ISP send out an alert?
I wonder if the same faulti is why Youtube downloads are so poor, over the last week?

Nice to see Telecom distancing itself from "email service provider Yahoo" and "Yahoo's infrastructure".

I guess we will be a long time waiting before we see them take it on the chin and/or communicate proactively to their customers, rather than pretending everything is fine until they are caught out by the media.

Anyone still hosting their e-mail with Xtra deserves everything they get.

Everyone do yourself a favor and stop using ISP email.

Oh - now this explains everything.
As a home office worker I have had countless problems and non delivery to some corporates small & large and found also my email was being stopped at the point I hit send and repeated entering of the captcha code was useless. Even worse was my past knowledge that Yahoo / Xtra will send you into an endless contact loop of failure. Yahoo says contact Xtra help, Xtra help say contact Yahoo and even give out support numbers for yahoo that are wrong.
What a Joke !!

Go G Mail apps - US$50 a year - never fails, access anywhere on anything.

$60 us per year, per mailbox. They've also had their fair share of outages, and don't expect them to contact you if they have a problem either. Any idea what phone number you call for support in NZ (or anywhere in the world) if you have email issues?

Agree go G Mail appls..... No business large or small should be using their ISPs email app.

Also recommend Google, maybe Anonymous can list the outages, I can't recall any that have affected my customers.

Kiwi companies (such as Telecom or Fonterra) will always be at the *rs* end of service from US companies, so you either entrust yourself to a delivery machinery such as Google or Amazon or trust a local provider. Both options are aeons better than Xtra/Yahoo

What the H*LL does Fonterra have to do with this????

@anonymous - 5:32pm

I was illustrating that our biggest stock exchange listed companies are irrelevant customers of major US Internet companies and will be treated as such.

When the hell are useless Telecom NZ going to learn that any of their brand names starting with "X" are a MASSIVE FAIL!!?

The Cavalry is on the way - this month Smart Media will deliver an email service that will have guaranteed delivery AND no Spam. It doesn't use spam filters but gives the end user the right to accept or reject emails (rather than Yahoo or who-ever else setting the filters.) check out for v.1. v.2 is due before the end of May.

This makes us look like a banana republic! I am with a small Wgtn based ISP who deliver fantastic service, very customer focused. No issues with them, other than the emails from Telecom users that have still not arrived. We need more small ISP's not ugly big guys who don't deliver.

As of 2.30 Friday May 18th still unable to send emails from my xtra acct - they say there is STILL an issue with outgoing mail (incoming is fine) - so this is the 4th day - I had to resend all my emails from my vodafone acct.I am on a Telecom business package so 4 days of unusable email is a big problem - they need to look at compensation.

I am a one-person business that relies on Xtra as my primary channel for email.

On Thursday morning I discovered there was a problem, not because Telecom advised me but because clients were telling me that they had not received things I had undertaken to send when I had in fact done so. I was livid and called the Telecom 0800 number to express my annoyance at the incompetence, but above all their culture of denial in not alerting customers to the problem.

After a heated 45 min call I eventually was offered a 25% discount on my Broadband fee for the next 12 months, while retaining my right to walk at any time if there is a recurrence of such failure. (Telecom first wanted me to sign a 12-month contract, to which I responded - "Right, I'll walk right now, and take all my telecommunications business with me!").

I suggest all business clients pursue the same remedy as a minimum.

Complain to Paul Reynolds:

Still waiting for several emails to arrive from Xtra accounts, that have been "lost in space" for many days. If this is the indication of their problem being fixed, when will we know when it's broken?!
They haven't updated their information page overnight, but I do hope all emails do arrive soon.

Still got intermittent e-mail problems with xtra/yahoo mail, pain in the bum

And down it goes again (June 22).

At least they have been quick to update the network status on their website this time.

And at least it has been working - by a slim margin - more often that it has been not working lately.

And that useless Scots git is about to walk away with a huge payout!!

Works one minute, not working the next. Hopeless!

I like xtra, serves me very well. Only problem I ever have is not receiving emails from hotmail users. However, I consider anybody that uses hotmail has to be a loser and it is best I don't hear from them.
Thank you Xtra.

About time Xtra gave back to its customers the Yahoo promail we all used to enjoy. Yahoo promail has no advertising and the interface being simply mail only has only one task to either do efficiently or not. Xtra are a pack of buffoons if they think the existing problems are not impacting on their reputation and constantly blaming Yahoo is seen as just buck passing. As for what I think about yahoo...well a little bit of effort getting their email working reliably and not so much useless eye candy for products and services by advertisers that I will go out of my way to avoid due to the rubbish service.

I see it as a 'tribute' from the techies to the departed/ing Brogue Rogue(RIP).
Unquestionably the worst CEO.....and that includes Gattung....or am I just euphoric at the thought of the near $60-MILLION we pee-ed against the wall with the two of them?
What it must be like for a good techie working in the field in a virtual monopoly to see an imported CLERK paid like a rockstar....only to realise his large feet weigh 2,000 tons of CLAY.

Just an added thought: the Brogue Rogue locked into Yahoo with no research or insight. (His time at Cable & Wireless was a disaster for that company).
Yahoo in Oirish means a-hole. Sums up the whole (I resisted dropping the w) situation we have endured.

I lost a whole day's work yesterday trying to work out what went wrong with xtra when there was a big problem on Friday 22.6.12. Could not send out emails for 4 days and receipt of emails was very haphazard. Xtra staff all said different things but I think this is what happened:

When xtra has an outage: my password is dropped and I am locked out. Even though I explained my password is years old and it worked fine till the outage on Friday; the 126 staff gave me a new one. What no one knew was that the reason why the new passwords did not work was because it takes ages for xtra to sync it with their system so I kept on being locked out and the pop 3 window just came up every few minutes despite repeatedly typing in the current password. So, there's no point having the popup if it does not sync or work.

By that time, everyone is thinking there is something wrong with the new passwords but it's your time lag. That's why I got issued 3 - 4 new passwords.

One suggestion was Norton anti-virus interfering but this may be a red herring but again; everything was OK until Xtra had the outage.

To spend a whole day trying to get a correct answer from xtra staff; being passed to Yahoo in the Phillipines only to be told I had to wait for 1 - 3 days as they could not talk direct to xtra was infuriating. What's going on here?

I am so angry about all this and have asked for a credit on my account. Also, if xtra is down again; how about an auto txt to actually tell us?? I suspect there is a big problem their end.