Morgan to US media: NZ cat lobby as barmy as American gun lobby

Gareth Morgan

"The cat lobby here is just as feral, self-centered and as barmy as your gun lobby is," Gareth Morgan has told US publication The Atlantic.

In an interview published on the magazine's website today, Mr Morgan says cat owners who deny their pets kill native birds verge on "explicit stupidity."

The controversial economist spoke to The Atlantic from Shanghai, where he said there was barely any wildlife due to pollution - although he added "Actually I think they eat cats over here."

That statement may possibly add Chinese citizens and diplomats to cat lovers, Phoenix fans and others unhappy with his recent outbursts.

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If Morgan thinks cats in Christchurch where I grew up killed native birds he will have to explain where they got the train tickets to go somewhere they could find some. Our garden birds were exclusively English immigrants.

Morgan suffers from "explicit ignorance" as well as foot in mouth disease.


"Our garden birds were exclusively English immigrants."
Surely that is Morgan's point.

Your garden birds 'were exclusively English immigrants' as the cats had already extirpated native birds from the gardens of suburban Christchurch.


I live on Huntsbury Hill, Christchurch. We get quite a few native birds. They last a day or so, then I suppose are killed by cats. This afternoon a blackbird was chirping in distress and flying all over. Another cat kill. Cats should be kept on their owners property with cat-proof fences. Cat owners should have to pay to register their cats. Birds, all sorts, might get some hope.


Yep, Gareth is an expert about guns too!


Motor Mouth economists are a bigger threat than cats.


His arguments are sound and the SPAC should be ridiculed for their response. However the way he went about it is all wrong.

He needs some PR lessons from Dotcom.


Morgan starts a debate on a problem, and what does he get? Logical arguments for and against his thesis? No, in the majority of cases, vitriolic abuse from people who don't like his thesis, not logical rebuttals. See previous posts as examples.


How is my post not a logical rebuttal?


...sounds like he's "off his meds" :)


I have a cat and I'm not afraid to use it!


Cats are everywhere in the wild too, their numbers often appear to be limited by competition between themselves for food. I have a cat, yet i am 100% behind a total ban on cats. And I believe we should develop better systems to eliminate other introduced predators too.


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