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Morning Report's Geoff Robinson to retire next year

Another veteran broadcaster is set to leave Radio NZ: Morning Report host Geoff Robinson has announced his retirement.

Mr Robinson joined the then New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation in 1970 and has been in the Morning Report team since 1975.

The news follows the Chris Laidlaw’s announcement he will retire from the Sunday morning airwaves.

Mr Robinson suddenly announced his retirement on air this morning, saying his voice was cracking as he thanked his colleagues and team for their support.

He says his announcement four months early allows Radio NZ time to find a replacement.

His surprised co-host Simon Mercep remarked most New Zealanders had grown up listening to Mr Robinson.

Mr Robinson is known around the country as the voice of Morning Report and was given a special award for outstanding contribution to radio at the 2007 New Zealand Radio Awards

Comments and questions

Lets hope they bring in someone with a bit of fight - Morning Report has been rather soft since Sean Plunket left.

A sad day for Radio NZ.

Well done Geoff. Your mellifluous tones and impeccable style have served us all well.

Enjoy your well earned retirement.

I am a member of the Geoff fan club.
I hope RNZ will maintain a Wellington / Auckland split

Time for a change and someone with more bottle. Morning Report has been far to left-friendly for far too long and the 'headline' stories are usually always political, anti-Government and of little intellectual merit. Filling in the programme usually consist of ringing a Labour or Green politician and broadcasting the conversation without challange. Its actually really dull. I give them 3 minutes at 6am then I move on.

GG - it sounds like you should really be listening to Fox News. You'll find that they have just the right mix of right wing bias and disregard for facts you seem to be looking for. And they'll never air any of that nasty greenie / leftie stuff you so despise.

For me, Morning Report is still the best news show in the country and I'll be sad to see Geoff go.

Do you have any examples of your accusation about Fox News?

What on earth? - accusation?? - it's a statement of fact! you actually need examples? Try watching FOX for 5 minutes and you will have 5 minutes of examples.

Fox is a rabid out of control ultra right wing propagandist train wreck - appealing to every fear mongering anti everything (except white people and their version of Christianity) nutter in the USA.

Hannity, O Reily etc - uttlerly dispicable people - viciousiousnes and hatefulness dressed up in nice suits.

Again, do you have any examples of your accusation about Fox News? I mean where they have a bias or are factually incorrect?
Where they have been racist?
If there are cases of the above then Fox will rightly get hammered.

I suspect you've never watched Fox other than an out of context you tube clip. If you did watch Fox news then you couldn't make the accusation.

Having watched O'Reilly for a while now he has an excellent mix of opinion from all sides on most topics. Hannity is from what I can gather a republican yet always has democrats or progressives on his panel.
I've seen guests on their shows get out of hand and pulled into line by the hosts you've mentioned. I've also seen other guests taken to task (look up the Barney Frank episode with O'Reilly) and back to the Radio NZ topic, that is something we don't get here, holding people to account.

Fox is the leading cable news outfit in the states by a country mile and they didn't get there or won't stay there by putting out rubbish.

They don't get it right all the time, no-one does but they are not as you have described.

Alfie - Fox news ? what number on the radio dial is that mate ? AM or FM ?. And Wayno - Whale oil ? what frequency is that ?.You lads just need to calm down and start thinking straight. We'll talk about telly and the internet another time. Today we were discussing the RADIO.

There's always Hosking for the likes of you.

Nonsense GG - you are in fact declaring your own political bias. If, as you say, Morning report is anti government then over the 35 odd years of its existence it has had plenty of opportunities to be 'anti government' to both parties who have shared the country's leadership over that period - or is it that you simply dislike them being anti your party which presumably is National? Your comments are dull and poorly made - maybe you need to pop back to Whale Oil?

Geoff, in short job well done! You deserve the sleep in come April 2nd.

I want news in the morning, not a lot of spin, drama and/or fishing for an angle for the sake of possibly generating some controvesy. I liked Geoff's laid back style, in which (unlike Sean Plunkett) the story is not all about him. I wish him a good retirement, but I will miss him.

Geoff is a great broadcaster and I always look forward to listening to him (and the rest of the team at RNZ whenever I return to NZ from being overseas. GG should listen to the garbage in between the rubbishy ads on commercial radio - leave our National Radio programme well alone. I'm not a greenie or a left wing voter I just like to have facts and informed opinion.


I have always thought Geoff presents the facts as they are and without any obvious bias, which is what news programmes are supposed to do but not very many do it..
Funny isn't it how some folks can't see that their own inherent outlook isn't necessarily what many other people want to hear reflected in a national broadcaster.. But then such has always been the case, which is presumably how some other stations with an obvious right wing bias came into existance...
Best wishes to Geoff.