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Nearly half of Labour voters oppose a coalition with Internet Mana — poll

A 3News-Reid Research poll finds 47% of Labour voters oppose the party working with Internet Mana to form a government.

29% were in favour; 12% didn't know.

The result could weigh on Labour leader David Cunlliffe's mind as he decides whether to cut a deal in Te Tai Tokerau — the seat Mana leader Hone Harawira must hold to bring other Internet Mana MPs into Parliament on his coat tails.

The 3-Reid poll also found Internet Mana support on 2.3% (a Herald Digipoll also released over the weekend found it at 2.2%), enough to bring Internet Party leader Laila Harre and Mana's Annette Sykes in on Mr Harawira's coat-tails if he wins his electorate.

Political commentator Bryce Edwards has seen Mr Cunliffe "absolutely open" to an MMP deal Te Tai Tokerau, where Mr Harawira trailed Labour's Kelvin Davis in a TV One poll.

Officially at least, Mr Cunliffe has shunned the possibility of a deal. But earlier Dr Edwards told NBR that despite Mr Davis being an out-spoken Internet Mana critic (he has called the party a scam),  “Labour will be seriously considering their options .... If it will ultimately help to form a Labour-led government, the party is very likely to make  a strategic decision to kneecap Kelvin Davis, or pull back on campaigning in Te Tai Tokerau … it will be extraordinary if Labour fights hard.”

Dr Edwards noted the close ties between Mr Cunliffe's chief-of-staff Matt McCarten and Internet Party leader Laila Harre, who worked together for years in the Alliance.

An insider told NBR that with Mr Cunliffe wary over voter backlash to too many "dirty deals" any deal was likely to be cut behind the scenes.

Elsewhere, the 3News-Reid Research poll found stable party support, (a contrast to the Herald Digipoll, which found Labour knocked back):

National: 49.4 percent (down 0.3 percent)
Labour: 26.7 percent (down 0.6 percent)
Green: 12.4 percent (down 0.3 percent)
NZ First: 4.3 percent  (up 0.7 percent)
Conservative: 2.7 percent (down 0.1 percent)
Internet Mana: 2.3 percent (up 0.5 percent)
Maori: 1.1 percent (down 0.4 percent)
United Future: 0.2 percent (up 0.2 percent)
ACT: 0.1 percent (down 0.3 percent)

National: 65
ACT: 1
United Future: 1
Maori: 2
Total Right: 69
Labour: 35
Green: 16
Mana: 3
Total Left: 54
Total seats: 123
(Prediction: ACT 1 electorate seat, United Future 1 electorate seat, Maori Party 2 electorate seats, Internet Mana 1 electorate seat. No deal/seat for Conservatives.)

John Key: 43.8 percent (down 2.9 percent)
David Cunliffe: 9.5 percent (down 0.1 percent)

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Comments and questions

Labour have little choice but to forego Kelvin Davis winning the electorate. If they win the seat then they have absolutely no chance of forming a government. Only by bringing Internet/Mana into a Labour/Geens/NZ 1st coalition can they hope to get the numbers. They will be working behind the scenes to help Harawira wins his seat, because Internet/Mana will not reach the 5% threshold.

what a pack of lies from start to finish we should do violence now to the media and attach them and make them pay for their corruption and lies .

I have to assume that you're taking the p*** here. Becasue the alternative is that you want full government control (once a suitably left-wing government is empowered of course) of what the press can and cannot say.

Scratch the surface of a Mana supporter and you will find a fascist.

And how many National Party voters oppose a deal with the Conservative Party?

How many actual Labour supporters were polled? 47% is a load of baloney just like the party polls.

Denial from some of the 53% that at least 47% can think

Kelvin what a good time to raise the profile and go for the top job, the "others" are certainly not looking that good. From a right "wing" supporter.

Kelvin would be my number one suspect for the hatchet job over the weekend in the paper