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MYOB launches iOS app

Accounting software company MYOB has launched an update for its Mac software, MYOB AccountEdge v11, with a purpose-built iOS app.

This follows in the footsteps of rival accounting software company Xero, which launched an app earlier in the year.

AccountEdge v11 is part of a suite of products established on MYOB’s Business Platform, MYOB’s cloud enabled business and accounting software platform.  With the iPhone and iPad app, users could take their business software out of the office and on the job, general manager Julian Smith said.

“Designed to integrate seamlessly with your desktop, the new, easy-to-use apps for the iPhone and iPad open up an entirely new way to run your business.”

The updated AccountEdge had been designed specifically with Mac users in mind, and included improved user interface, greater customisation and flexible, faster search options, MYOB said.

 “AccountEdge is widely used in the advertising and graphic design industry, by architects and engineers, medical practitioners, business professionals and consultants, among others,” said Mr Smith.

The new app meant users could create quotes, orders and invoices from an iPhone or iPad, he said, with a copy stored to the device and uploaded to the desktop software when the device was connected to the Internet.

“For example, a designer meeting with a client could use the AccountEdge app to create a quote on the spot and send it immediately – without having to return to the office.”

MYOB said it planned to extend its range of mobile solutions in the future, but that currently the app was only available on iOS 3.2 or later.  It was available for free download from the App Store in demo mode, but AccountEdge was required to run the full mode, MYOB said.

Xero launched an iPhone and iPad app in August this year which allowed users to check balances, create invoices and take photos of expense claims on the move, and has gone through several versions, chief executive Rod Drury said.  He said this app was going very well but the Android app was still in development.  He said Xero had basically built its app on HTML5 and various technologies allowed access to phone applications.

"The technologies allow us to wrap up one code base and deploy it to the iPhone and Android - works great on the iPhone but not quite there yet for the Android."

He said this was a well known problem and that updates were expected next month to allow roll out early next year.

Mr Drury said an interesting insight was that people were using the app as a hand held scanner while at their desks.

MYOB AccountRight Plus and Standard had been redeveloped on the .NET SQL codebase, MYOB said, with a mobile solution for these Windows-based products planned for the future.

The Network Edition of AccountEdge allowed multiple access to accounts, providing the same functionality for multiple users so a team could work with the software in an office while others were connected to the system while on the move, MYOB said.

Mr Smith said AccountEdge also allowed for ‘part-billing’, where businesses could stage the invoicing process to reflect progress on a job.

“For many professionals that work on long and complex projects – rather than single transactions – this is a great way to keep track of payments, and manage business cashflow.”

The product retails for $849 incl GST.

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Comments and questions

Is this the start of MYOB's new lead with Bain Capital???

I always thought they would do tremendously well once someone grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and started to put out new software... I guess Bain would have figured that too

Doubt it this would have been in progress well before Bain took over....myob are playing catch-up in many regards across their business....and loosing customers in good numbers ... I think bain paid well over the odds

I think mobile solutions are not that relevant. More of a toy than actually something worthwhile. Xero are in trouble because they only have cloud and apps, whereas desktop solutions continue to be incredibly relevant.

I hope their iOS app is better programmed than their desktop versions. Products have been tired and falling behind for a long time.