Name suppression lifts on Imran Kamal, accountant in Gilchrist, Anderson tax dodge

Name suppression has lifted for convicted Wellington accountant Imran Mohammed Kamal, who played a key role in the fictitious invoice writing scheme of former Inland Revenue Department official Brent Gilchrist and former associate Scott Anderson.

Kamal's company, Accountants First, received and paid fake invoices from Gilchrist and Anderson's IT company. The invoices were paid into Kamal's own offshore bank account and he would keep 90 percent of the funds, dividing the rest between the others as a 'fee' for their involvement, the IRD said in a statement.

On his LinkedIn profile Kamal lists having worked as a senior accountant and auditor for Deloittes and was twice nominated, and once a finalist, for the Wellington region's chartered accountant of the year in 2003 and 2007.

Accountant's First describes Kamal as "a lateral thinker and business strategist." His "visionary ideas are geared toward prospects for growth," according to the firm's website.

The IRD'S group tax counsel Graham Tubb said Kamal was a "key player" in the tax evasion case.

"Accountants First Limited also altered tax invoices in an attempt to hide the offending, and used the offshore bank account in a tax evasion scheme, redirecting the funds back into New Zealand through paying for work done on Mr Kamal's house."

The IRD welcomed the Wellington High Court's decision to lift name suppression as of Jan. 10.

"By acting as he did, Kamal has abused the trust placed in him and also used his knowledge and his position to try and cheat the system, but for all that, he still failed and will bear the consequences,"

Tubb said. "The public can be confident that Inland Revenue will take action, including in some cases the removal of the right to act as a tax agent for others."

Kamal was sentenced to three months home detention and 150 hours community work in February last year. The order to lift name suppression was made on Dec. 19.

Last year, Gilchrist got 10 months home detention and Anderson was sentenced to 3 ½ years jail.


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Kinda reads like the Mike Swan case..The old 90/10 deal.


This has the making of a good case study for CA and MBA students.


Funny you mention MBA students "Stoker". Plenty more in this matter to come out yet.

This comment has been edited to remove potential defamation - editor


Total disgrace, to cheat the system. No wonder the rich get richer & poorer get poorer. Interesting topic for MBA students. Kamal's credentials should be questioned & his punishment should be more severe. He should be jailed.


Agree with you Richard, 3 months home detention is nothing. Kamal should be jailed. Another article on him is suggesting that he lied about his wife's mental status, falsifying that she is mental & suicidal should his name be revealed in this. This guy is a serious con man. So is his wife. His credentials are already under scrutiny as he has lied about working at a number of places. The public need to know everything thing about him. He should be publicly humiliated, as a lesson to all other con artists.


I agree richard. This is not the first time this guy has done something illegal. If you google his name, you will find that NZICA has censured him in the past for breaching the professions' code of ethics. I reckon that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be interested to see what NZICA does with him this time. The public have a right to know everything they need to about rouge practitioners like Kamal and Accountants First.


@ Stoker, thanks, read the NZICA decision. Kamal sounds like a shrewd business man with no ethics. His emails to his client were quite rude as well. He writes with lots of emotions & anger. Extremely unprofessional business man. He has made a joke out of such a prestigious profession. Time fir NZICA to take a more serious action.


If people like Gilchrist & Kamal will get away this easily, the public will have no faith left in NZICA. We need justice. Common man with their butt off & pay their taxes & here we have day light robbers.


His wife is General Manager of his company Accountants First - she would have known exactly what he was up too...


Wellington has just been struck by a severe earthquake & here we have thieves like Kamal who is robbing the nation. Mr & Mrs Kamal & Gilchrist should pay back the govt, every penny robbed. Furthermore, they should be jailed.


I know Kamal for a long time. He is an honest and credible person and has been duped by Gilchrist who has a history of doing this to others. I feel sorry for Kamal as he has made an error in judgement by having full trust in Gilchrist. This did not involve any of his clients, was a historical (2005) one off offending, and involved a small amount of taxes. Kamal was a crown witness against Gilchrist.
Kamal has always managed my affairs accurately and I have full trust in him and his work. The media is picking on him and they need to report his side of the story as well.


The media is making a mountain of a mold. Very small offending, on the lower end of the scale, why pick on someone


Oh please....Imran has a history of writing ghost invoices to his own accounting clients. I know, because I was one of them and that's why I fired him as my accountant.


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