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National rows home in first election campaign TV ad

UPDATE: Labour has also just released its first TV ad. Scroll down for video.

National has released its first television ad for the election, featuring a rowing race as a metaphor for National keeping the economy going while Labour, the Greens and the Internet Party flounder about.

Commentators have noted that National's early advertising played it safe by keeping John Key as its poster boy on its hoardings.

But the new ad, which doesn't include a single politician, signals a step away from the strategy.

The video has received criticism that the music is similar to that of Eminem's Lose Yourself. However, National campaign chairman Steven Joyce denied any association with Eminem, according to Stuff.

National keeps its advertising partners confidential, with campaign manager Jo de Joux telling NBR: "We work with independent contractors, a number of whom we have worked with in the past."

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Comments and questions

"Oars" I like it

Great comparison to National

Boat (world) moving forward with the National MPs facing backwards

But at least the National MPs are moving forward with the boat(world) and rowing skiffs move faster than canoes!!!!!!

Yes but rowing boats capsize when the going gets tough

Canoes might take longer but they are safer

Great timing, with Key and English trying to paddle away from Collins as fast as possible.

Needs more of Collins walking the plank.

This is about as Oarsome as the political Left will ever get...

A vote for Labour is a vote for the co-boat...

I didn't think Labour would risk putting Cunliffe in their ads. Is that brave - or foolish?

Ditto for the leaders debate. He will get slaughtered.

Isn't it interesting that a slick sharp advertisment such as the NP's election rowing ad is taken for : (a) a well run government & (b) election success. Have we not learnt anything from the snake oil merchants or con men antics?

So I take it that you'd rather have the left crowd Dav?

I'm glad to have 1999 to 2008 behind us.....I thought I was going to have to declare that I am a good compadre of the New Zealand Communist Party. The endless permission slips and payments that the Public Stock have to comply with is rather exhausting.