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National running scared says Winston

John Key should wait until the election he has just announced before deciding on the shape of the next government, Winston Peters said today.

He was responding to the prime minister's announcement that he would not form a coalition with New Zealand First if Mr Peters held the balance of power after the November 26 vote.

“We usually wait until the people have voted to form a government. Unlike money traders and junk bond dealers we do not make deals until the event has actually taken place," Mr Peters said, adding that NZ First had never said it wanted to go into a coalition with any particular party.

"We also have the option of sitting on the cross-benches acting as a watchdog for the people and getting them a better deal from whoever is in government," Mr Peters said.

“Mr Key is obviously dead scared that we will be around to stop him flogging off all our state-owned assets. He knows that we will not let National go down that path ever again. He knows that we will not let National give away the foreshore and seabed."

Comments and questions

Or, the National Party don't want our government & country compromised even further by association with you winnie.

After all, they can't keep you off-shore for month's at a time on the tax payer like Labour did to get you out of the way - much better to never have to deal with you at all.

And if you think you'll be voted in - just remember last election you only polled less than the margin of error in all the polls leading up to the election, so no chance there.

You're about as welcome as common sense is at a Labour Party conference!

Winnie you could join up with Sue Bradford and Matt McCarten and form the Losers Party or the Luney party??

That way you could be the leader and your ego would be fed.

Yeah Winnie, the National Party are running so scared they decided to announce the election well ahead of time, must be shaking in their boots. Will you be standing in Tauranga? Or maybe try Helensville if you have the guts.

Top Dog Key is making it very plain for everyone to see, he has no intentions of allowing a flea infested tail to wag.

Winston, you are out in the cold, your slimy politics is not wanted, neither are your divisive policies. Hopefully Nov 26th will culminate in the Winston Party being discarded to join Social Credit as a reminder to all who follow.

Three cheers for THE MEGLAMANIAC known as Willie Jackson's hero Wanton Peters

I recall soft shoe shuffle Peters not so long ago trying to make the voters of NZ believe their heads were made of chocolate when he kept refuting he was innocent in the great Owen Glenn fiasco.Peter's even went on TV with a cardboard which read NO.What a web he weaved when he set out to deceive.

Not so. He denied it repeatedly but simply couldn't produce anything to refute it.

Yeah Right !!!!! Winston, you are still a deluded and dangerous dreamer !

Winnie the Poo ! why would any one want to partner you ? your a looser ! get your back side off the gravy train and get a real Job ! na forget it we idiots like you running the country coffers into the negative

Goof and Co are the Party for you Winnie

You richly deserve one another.

Thanks for the informed comments(sic).This is the best country in the world ,period.Why are we near the bottom of the OECD? Thats easy,because ill informed knuckle heads continue to personalise politics and ignore the facts.Listen to Winstons arguments and not the sophisticated character assassination.

Nasty stuff isn't it from the Nats when they get cornered: a nation in which the average Kiwi is worried about making ends meet; worried about the lack of any real plan for growth, another stodgy year of low growth and unaffordable prices rises; massive over borrowing, higher unemployment, continuing exodus of skilled people; worse housing new start figures on record... retail in trouble...
Thanks for the plan - which so far consists of raising $7b, cutting $400m from increasing spending plans, and carrying on borrowing $12m net a weel to fund the Government. And maybe some extra tax breaks for those who can afford to save, rather than growing the incomes of ALL.

Oh boy, what a job it will be to sell that to about 10% of Kiwis who can siwtch votes and decide who governs.

The brean and circus shows will start with personality attacks like those above.

But never deal with real issues, as in 1984 under Muldoon, until the country is near collapse. Why do we have to repeat history? Maybe Key's will be a one term government afterall? It hasn't delivered..

if winston peters could explain how he intends to realistically instrument his rave then he may have a modicum of credibilty but all he does is cynically prey on the elderly and uninformed, to play on their inner are the weakest link now so as such you've been voted out...and if you ever get back in..i'm shifting countries!

Tutai Peters, is he going to make a fool of himself again, don't worry National and Labour he won't cut it again, plus the way it's going MMP will be gone too, with the Blues incharge on their own, then we might be able to get rid of 50 MP's.

I have asked these two questions before and never recive an answer
1) If Winston had said that he had got a donation from Glenn what would have happened to him?
2)If it came (and it did) down to a who do you believe ond don't believe Glenn or Peters why would you take the word of a rich prick that takes prostitutes to public events because noone else will spend time with him over someone who has given more than 30 years in public service.
The only reason i can think of is because King key said so....
Oh and just to finish off i will answer the first question for you...NOTHING his problems came from denying a perfectly legitimate donation...which incidentally as party leader he wasn't allowed to know.

Won't someone give him a few empty wine boxes, so he can occupy himself till after the election?

TUI BILLBOARD PLEASE.... Make way and stop laughing people Winnie is serious!!! The baubles of power await him... quiet there you in the wine box!! beware the NO sign!!

I'm not used to this much transparency from politicians.. bloody refreshing

Reading the comments here, I see that some of the commentators have unfortunately been less objective than it is expected from a group of so-called educated and informed NBR readers. I wish I could see more objective views, as the majority except for a few were geared at his personality and a mere character assassination act, which might have emanated either from hatred or the fear of him getting back into New Zealand political scene. Unfortunately dislike, hate and fear make one lose the objectivity, hence the logic.

As I mentioned before, actually Winston Peters could have greatly contributed to New Zealand society, had he not seen himself a foot higher than others after the initial unbelievable victory of his Party which was quite rare for a newly formed political Party. Sadly, that made his head larger than the Halloween’s pumpkin! However, his biggest mistake was joining the Nats at the onset of MMP despite his pre-election promises, even though the leaders of all other Parties break their pre-election promises as it is part of their DNA. This change of direction and eating his words immensely degraded public trust towards him and his earlier popularity, and the rest is history.

But still regardless of all the negative issues drum beaten by the media, the opposition, the voters, the pollsters, etc Winston Peters is a “Political Dog & Fighter”, like Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, who do not leave the arena except dead yet with their boots on! Hence, Winston will definitely make a grand re-entry into the political arena. In this case, I hope that the last election’s defeat had been an effective shock-therapy and eye-opener for him, making him wiser and mellow.

Although I am not a Winston or any other politician supporter for that matter, however in “Fairness” to all concerned it is good to have him back to talk about issues that other Parties and politicians don’t dare to talk about publicly but murmur them amongst themselves or with others in private and off the records, as I have personally witnessed. At least Winston “Dares” to speak his mind and stand for his principals that others don’t. And that is something in him that I respect, although I may not agree with him on a number of issues. It will equally be good to have him back to scrutinise and add some spice to the boring, corrupt and rotten to the bone New Zealand politics and the Parties who have sold the country piece-by-piece to foreigners and are slowly but surely making the non-citizens to be the masters of our nation. I know some may not like Winston or what I have said here. But to me he is a lesser evil amongst the rest of the New Zealand politicians and his presence is needed in our Parliament. After all, we are all entitled to our opinions and that is the beauty of “Democracy”.

All politicians rubbish the others plans. In this instance Winston is saying John Key has no right to say national will not work with him. However the Greens say they will not work with National, what’s the difference? What I want from the various leaders is not to be told what we need; jobs economic growth, Tech growth, green policies, etc: but how they will achieve these and at what cost.. Winston, Phil etc, say selling Contact etc is wrong, OK they are allowed their opinion but until they can give a better idea, please shut up. And John Key, thank you for at least being upfront about not dealing with NZ First, will Phil Goff be as upfront?

The fact that John Key has taken to threaten not to work with Winston, shows he is very worried abou Winston and wants him out of the way soon. In real life, this will simply just not happen. Winston is real.Trading before the due date can be most shoddy. as wall street has shown.

See i told you noone ever answers those questions

jonkey is all smile and wave,,just wait and see.

As far as I am concerend I think Kindergarten children could make better decisions than Keys and Winston. Instead of arguing and moaning on your egos about politics and saying who is the boss, give the people what they want and stop the rich from taking from the poor via what people in parliament do so reduce the seats for the next referendum election I say. And put those MPs salaries that were out voted into education and health and to families who really need the money.