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National signals short election campaign with Aug 23 launch

The governing National Party will campaign for re-election for just four weeks before polling day, Sept 20.

As well as holding the election earlier than usual, the campaign is at the short end of the norm, with five to six weeks campaigns more common.

The party will launch its campaign in Auckland on Sunday, Aug 24, the party advised today.


Comments and questions

Shouldn't be long before Cunliffe claims that is unfair.

Or thanks JK for only having to endure four weeks torture instead of 8

What's the minimum allowed ?

just make it one week -- he's a massive shoe-in

Black Caviar

While I agree all stars aligned - why isnt National releasing its "List" ? Everyone else is. I sense there is a problem as if JK was as confident as I think he should be, he shouldnt be holding this back. What am I missing ?

This Sunday nights poll might make next week a big week - will DC survive ?

National could still end up as Nigel-no.mates.
The Conservatives are polling higher than National's three current partners combined.

The official Nats campaign may not start until then, but the right wing controlled media (NBR/NZ Herald) started months ago!

I suppose Cunliffe is essentially campaigning for the National party anyway.