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National support drops, but not enough to threaten single governance, poll

Polls are showing a limited impact in National’s support following Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics revelations.

Yesterday's NZ Herald Digipoll showed National holding steady at 50.7% – which means it could govern alone at this point – with today’s poll reflecting the very similar results (50.8%).

Support for Labour has increased by 3.6% to 26.1%, the best results for Labour (and the worst for National) since a similar poll ran in May this year.

The political poll also shows John Key’s rating as preferred prime minister dropping by 4.3 points to 50%, while support for David Cunliffe jumped by a significant 3.3 points to 15.4%, his highest score since February.

Perceptions of the National-led government’s performance also dipped by 4.3 points, with only 24.7% rating it 8 or better out of 10.

"These results suggests that the release of Nicky Hager’s new book Dirty Politics and the criticism that followed has had an impact on National, while Labour and David Cunliffe have emerged with early signs of an increase in support,” says Matt Benson, managing director Public Affairs Ipsos, Wellington.

Winston Peters also watched his preferred prime minister support rise to a year high of 3.8%. Support for New Zealand First has increased to 4%, their highest result in Stuff’s poll over this year.

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Comments and questions

When it comes to turning on a Mona Lisa smile for the cameras Judith Collins is naturally more adept than Winston Peters.

But is her dismissive, holier-than-thou persona alienating voters by making a mockery of what should be an open and aboveboard democratic process.

National support will stay because the alternative just doesnt bare thinking about.