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Outage hits Vodafone mobile, landline services – confusion over where it struck

UPDATE: Vodafone has backtracked from its early statements to NBR ONLINE and on its support forum. The carrier now says this morning's outage was not nationwide, but confined to parts of Auckland.

"In the early hours of this morning a fault on one of Vodafone’s south Auckland exchanges caused a regional issue on Vodafone’s 3G and fixed networks," a spokeswoman told NBR.

However, on Twitter there were grumbles from as far afield as Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch.

Paul Matthews, chief executive of the Institute of IT Professionals, was one of those who begged to differ.

"It wasn’t restricted to Auckland. Our Wellington fixed line went down, too."

Telecommunications engineer and high-profile Geekzone blogger Steve Biddle complained about patchy Vodafone 3G service in the capital.

UPDATE / 8am: A Vodafone spokeswoman told NBR ONLINE mobile, fixed line and broadband service has now been restored.

Mobile service was down for around one hour, and fixed line and broadband around two hours.

However, on social networks some users have complained 3G mobile service is still slow and patchy. 

7am: A major technical glitch appears to have struck Vodafone, affecting both its landline and mobile networks.

The carrier posted the following service update at 6.42am:

"Customers may be experiencing a loss of 3G [mobile/cellphone] and fixed line phone and broadband service nationwide.

"We are aware of this issue and our engineers are working cohesively to restore services at the highest priority.

"Vodafone would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this issue is causing."

NBR, which lost its own Vodafone broadband connection, has sought comment from the teleco.

The company did not immediately return calls for comment.

Telecom has no reported issues with its network, but has posted a warning about severe weather issues affecting help desk wait times:

"Due to heavy rain over the last couple of weeks in Manila, we are working with a reduced number of people in these offices.

"We are continuing to try and answer your calls as quickly as we can but please be aware it may take us longer than usual at this time.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

Comments and questions

Manila OMG

I've had a few outages on Vodafone landline this morning but seems ok now. Some were brief and some seemed restricted to certain sites.

I think it was all the money being hoovered out of NZ to the UK mothership that tore a hole in the fabric of space time and broke the connections. Me I'm sticking with a New Zealand brand

Yeah, don't you just hate all those nasty foreigners? Like Apple, Google, Nike, Levis, Holden, Ford, VW, Dick Smith, Body Shop, Harvey Davidson, Sony, Samsung, ..... There all out to get us! By the way, which "New Zealand brand" are you sticking with?

@Xenophoic - get back under your Vodafone branded troll bridge!

confined to Auckland? Bollocks!! I'm in Christchurch and didn't have any internet (fixed line) or telephone (wireless) service until after 7.30am

yep and i'm in invercargill and couldn't get 3G or any reception this morning when i was up early watching the olympics

Yep, I'm in Russell and there were some outages here too.


Internet still patchy for me right now. In fact, several attempts to post this comment. Frustrating!

perhaps the question needs to be asked - how much resource has vodafone allocated to fixed line and broadband compared to other telcos operating in this 3rd world market

Go Telecom!!

Service is still poor in Auckland City.... Takes a long time to connect and when it does, the call quality is really bad. Sometimes it even cuts out completely.

Oh hang on - sorry ... It's been like this for years.

Don't understand the fuss! In our part of Auckland, the signal is always patchy. I know people who can't get a signal. They are thinking of reverting to carrier pigeons.

Notice I am still getting intermittent "website not responding" messages, regardless of domain (eg Google, BBC or *gasp* vodafone...)

@Ron revert to 2degrees or telecom. They care enough to give people coverage

How can journalists and customers keep letting Vodafone get away with this.....all their profits go abroad, there service is dreadful, their mobile service is just dropped calls, they are now the countries most expensive....and on top of it all they lie, never take responsibility

Well spoken like a employer of another telco!

Kristina I dont work for a telco and have vodafone, telecom and 2degrees handsets. based on my first hand experience with them, Vodafone are just awful. NZ is the only country that they have done well in - they are reviled in Australia, beneath contempt in the UK and Europe.

The only reason that Vodafone have gained any traction is largely due to the fact that Telecom were 9and still are) so utterly incompetent, and that Vodafone had some remarkably capable leadership before Russell Stanners got abaord.

It is pretty easy to look good when the other players are so utterly crappy by comparision.

Try driving around Jaffaland and making a call that doesn't drop - if this frustrates you then talk to vodafones customer support team - oh thats right they are all based in dirka dirka land and are about as helpful as a brick top the head.

The kicker however is that you are paying well and truly over the odds for this rubbish service (if you want more proof, the entire Vodafone network iomploded yesterday)

I am glad 2degrees and telecom are here, a lack of choice would be a very dire thing indeed