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NBR's Moses story becomes legal case study

NBR’s exclusive story on the remarkable fall from grace of Nathans Finance chairman Roger Moses is going to be used as a case study for New Zealand law students.

Last week Moses opened up to NBR about his role in the events leading up to the collapse of Nathans and his subsequent imprisonment for gross negligence.

Shelley Griffiths, a lecturer in the Law Faculty at Otago University, says she found the story “very illuminating”.

“I think the article would be a very useful learning resource and I would be grateful if you could make it available,” she said.

Ms Griffiths, who is a specialist in securities regulations, plans to feature the story in a course she is running on securities market regulation and the role of criminal law in this area.

One of  New Zealand’s most distinguished High Court judges has also shared his views with NBR ONLINE on the role of  directors in failed companies such as Nathans and the penalties imposed on them.

Sir Owen Woodhouse, who was president of the Court of Appeal between 1981 and 1986, says it’s “a civil problem, not a criminal problem, but they’ve put a criminal sanction on it”.

“In the ordinary kind of way if you are careless with other people’s money that’s not a criminal act, but they’ve made it a crime and I’m a bit surprised, to tell you the truth.”

Sir Owen (95) talks about his life and times in NBR ONLINE's Weekend Review.

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