New deal provides faster internet for rural NZ

A new deal between a New Zealand telecommunications provider and one of Asia’s leading satellite providers will give kiwis faster internet.

Farmside, one of New Zealand’s leading satellite telecommunication providers, has signed a deal with satellite provider IPSTAR.

IPSTAR is owned by Thaicom PCL, a satellite provider operating out of Thailand which is considered a leader in its field.  

Farmside currently services some 13,000 customers, predominately focusing on rural New Zealand Farmside CEO Richie Smith says.

“We know the roll out of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) is many years away for many communities. With satellite, rural customers can enjoy the same benefits now as urban New Zealanders today.

“Farmside has secured increased and faster capacity from IPSTAR which will deliver more competitive high speed broadband to New Zealand,” Mr Smith says.

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News!!! Farmside has always used IPSTAR to provide internet. Faster speeds are possible but dont get sucked into the jargon they feed you. Latency or lag still means that satellite is slow and annoying and cant be compared with regular cable or fibre.
Plus don't rely on these guys to give you any kind of customer support - the worst ever in my experience. My advice - for customer in rural areas - pursue other options first such as mobile broadband or using a repeater.


I can understand rural New Zealand wanting faster internet. But this townie would be content with simply reliable internet. XTRA's link to Yahoo faults several times a week - even several times a day, at times.
At least, XTRA tells me it is Yahoo!
Having the link crash is a big irritation and, at times, more than that.


I agree that Farmside has always used IPSTAR but the wording of the article says "increased and faster capacity" it doesn't say that it is a new provider.
As a Farmside user for over 3 years I can't agree with Get Real People' comments about customer support - they have always been very good for us. Farmside is much quicker than mobile broadband in our area.


sorry - yes it does say that it is providing increased and faster capacity. What does that mean? Does it cost much more? As far as I understand the only way to increase your speed is by having dedicated bandwidth at a cost of $1,000s or a permanent link at a cost of tens of thousands - hardly a good deal. Farmside - what are the details of the increased speed and capacity?
I also understand that Farmside is in some sort of partnership deal with telecom - is this correct? If so then nits in Telcoms interest to not provide services to rural customers so its partners such as Farmside can fleece them. I do feel sorry for the rural community s they are stuck between a rock and a hard place but while we continue to blindly travel down the path of believing everything you read and hear nothing will change.
Also agree with Footplate - speed isn't necessarily the problem for most businesses - reliability and stability is the issue - a gain of milliseconds to do a function doesn't make any different when you lose 2 days productivity because the morons at Telecom cant do their job properly (or Vodafone for that matter)


When they can offer faster than 5Mbps via satellite, then we are cooking with gas. Until then, your best option is (in order of speed) - Fixed line broadband (more and more thanks to RBI), and failing that - Vodafone's Wireless RBI broadband (not to be confused with traditional mobile broadband - which is expensive, the new vodafone rural product is NOT).


Have fibre running past our gate but we aren't allowed to hook into it ... we are too rural.

NZ is such a telecomms backwater.


Actually you probably could "hook into it" if you are willing to pay the $400+ a month for point to point fibre.....and btw that is no different to anywhere else in the world. Fibre to the home or Fibre to the premises (FTTP) deployments are only cheap when an aggregated GPON setup is used and you need population density to make that viable. Simple economics, not different elsewhere so stop kidding yourself.


I love it how rural people complain about lack of Broadband, Many need a IQ test


i use farmside my ping is 1147ms and my 224ms


how about faster AND cheaper? Or will Baycity continue to abuse its monopoly. Pity it wasn't split into two businesses like Telecom


Just $199.00* + GST monthly for the "unleashed" Satellite Service...

No mention of what speed to expect & a pultry 5GB of Data!! What a rip off!!


Did I mention the nosebleed overage costs??

Plan prices exclude data cap overage of $0.10 + GST per MB


Project PROBE introduced IPSTAR way back in 2002...


And now the cozy deal between Vodafone and Telecom means that RBI internet doesnt need to be much faster either, unless a competitor wants to buy space on their towers -- in which case the duopoly would be well placed for some anti-competitive tactics. Its all stacked against rural people getting better service and more choices.


Inzone Corp(Maori Trust) has purchased most shares Farmside and pretty much fired all Inzone staff.
There are no other Sat Co's...just resellers.
But many farmers do have other choices, many small wireless ISP's around now as well as many farmers setting up their own networks.
Never been told a good word about farmside, many feel stuck with them.
Don't forget Voda/Telcom wireless, it may be a option.
As for RBI some areas they are saying 4 years.


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