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iPhone 5: Key features at a glance

UPDATE: Apple has now posted a full event video to its website: watch it here.

Apple says adapters that will allow older devices to connect to the iPhone 5's "Lightning" jack will cost:

  • Lightning to 30-pin:$NZ49
  • Lightning to 30-pin (200mm): $59
  • Lightning to USB: $29

The taller, thinner iPhone 5 at a glance

  • NZ release Sept 28
  • Online sales via Apple's website from Sept 14
  • NZ pricing: 16GB model: $1049; 32GB: $1199; 64GB: $1349
  • iPhone 4S (now 16GB only) price drops to $899; iPhone 4 (now 8GB only) to $599
  • Taller, thinner design accommodates larger 4-inch Retina display
  • The case backing is aluminium (the iPhone 4S was glass)
  • Move to 16:9 widescreen ratio used by big-screen Androids
  • 20% lighter than iPhone 4S
  • 18% thinner
  • Smaller "Lightning" dock connector/charger incompatible with iPhone 4S
  • Moves from Micro SIM to Nano SIM card
  • Earbud/earphone jack moved from top of phone to bottom
  • Support for Dual Carrier HSPA+ (supported by Vodafone in NZ) for mobile data downloads of up to 42Mbit/s
  • Front-facing camera upgraded to support HD video
  • New EarPod earbuds
  • Apple claims longer battery life than the 4S; up to 10 hours internet use via wi-fi
  • Dual-band 802.11 wi-fi, which Apple says will mean faster wireless connections than the 4S
  • No NFC chip (a mobile payment technology)
  • iPhone 4S and 4 kept on as cheaper models
  • iOS 6 software features much more tightly integrated cloud (online storage and sync) features; free download from Sept 19
  • Most iOS 6 Apple Maps features, including turn-by-turn directions, will be available for NZ
  • iOS 6 Siri Twitter integration not standard for NZ

Display: 4-inch (iPhone 4S: 3.5-inch)
Screen resolution: 1136-by-640-pixel, 326 pixels per inch (iPhone 4S: 640×960 resolution at 326 ppi)
Height: 123.8 (iPhone 4S: 115.2mm)
Width: 58.6mm (same as iPhone 4S)
Weight: 112g (iPhone 4S: 140g)
Memory: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB options (same as iPhone 4S)
Processor: A6 (Apple claims up to twice the speed of iPhone 4S' A5 processor; no detailed specs have been released)
Camera: 8 megpixel (same as iPhone 4S but 25% smaller, adds new panorama feature to stitch together up to 28 megapixel pictures). 40% less time between shots, plus ability to recognise up to 10 faces.

See Apple's official tech spec list here.


As predicted, Apple's new iPhone 5 bumps screen size from 4 inches - larger than its predecessors' 3.5-inches, but still behind monster screen smartphones in the Google camp such as Samsung's Galaxy S3 (4.7-inches) as Apple seeks to find a balance between thumbability and keeping up with the Joneses, or at least the Androids.

The new model was unveiled in San Francisco this morning NZ time.

The display has also been changed to the 16:9 widescreen ratio used by high-end Android smartphones, and all HD TV and movies. The move from previous iPhones' boxier screen may temporarily throw some app makers - although Christchurch developer Layton Duncan told NBR it was "No major." Older apps would work with the new iPhone, albeit with some of them now appearing letter-boxed (in the manner of a 4:3 TV show on a widescreen TV).

The new model also introduces a new, smaller dock connector, dubbed "Lightning" which makes today's chargers, speaker docks and other accessories incompatible without an adapter (yet to be prices). Lightning drew immediate flak. One hotel owner told The Wall Street Journal he had outfitted 600 rooms with clock/radios with the (now) old iPhone connector, at $US115 a piece in his most recent order. Apple will sell adapters to make old accessories work with the new plug, but for $NZ49 each.

Some iPhone fans have also been irked by Apple's decision to move the earbud/earphone jack from the top of the iPhone to the bottom with the new model.

The iPhone 5 is taller, to accommodate the larger display but is also the thinnest model ever produced by Apple - and the companny says it is the thinnest in the world.

The new handsets 7.6 mm anodized aluminum body is 18% thinner and 20% ighter than iPhone 4S, Apple says.

The rear camera stays at 8 megapixels, but is 25% smaller and has a new panorama option that allows 28 megapixel photos to be stitched together from inidividual images.

The front-facing camera has been upgraded to support HD video.

iPHONE UNTUCKED: A New York Times reporter noted there where the late Steve Jobs favoured form-fitting black polo neck sweaters, un-tucked business shirts dominated the stage at Apple's event today.

Win for Vodafone NZ
Another signature feature is LTE (or "4G"), a mobile data boost for US and Australian users, but irrelevant to NZ, where there are no 4G networks and likely won't be within the new iPhone's lifetime.

But like the new iPad, the iPhone 5 features Dual Carrier HSPA+, which is supported by Vodafone in NZ (though not Telecom or 2degrees).

DC HSPA+ offers mobile data downloads of up to 42Mbit/s (in practice, half that, but still none too shabby). Vodafone currently offers DC HSPA+ in parts of Auckland and Wellington; read more about its rollout plans here).

Vodafone's spin is that DC HSPA+ is just as fast as 4G - and NBR has certainly found the iPad the fastest device in NZ (equalled only be Vodafone's DC HSPA+ data stick) when used on Vodafone's network; at least within a narrow central Auckland area.

A dig at Nokia 
At Apple's launch event, marketing boss Phil Schiller said photos were from the iPhone 5’s actual camera, “untouched” - a dig a Nokia, embroiled in scandal over faking photo and video images at its recent Lumia 920 Windows Phone launch.

iOS does cloud, maps
As expected, the new version of iOS (the software that runs iPhone 5, and will also be available as a free upgrade for iPhone 4S and 4) gets Apple Maps, weening users off Google Maps.

Most Apple Maps features, bar 3D buildings and business reviews, will be available for NZ. They include directions, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Siri also gets a spruce up with iOS 6, including Twitter integration and business search.

The new Siri features - like the original Siri - will are not officially available for NZ. But if Apple follows the same form as iPhone 4S and iOS5, they willl be able to be enabled manually. Asked to comment on this point, an Apple Australia rep would only say "Twitter Integration is not available in New Zealand."

Neutral investor response
The market was still open during the iPhone 5 launch. Apple shares [NAS:AAPL] were up 1.39% to $US669.

The neutral response is perhaps a reflection of the fact there were few if any surprises. Uncharacteristically, Apple failed to keep features under wraps, leading to unusually accurate prediction stories.

ABOVE: How iPhone ownership breaks down by model in the US today. 

ABOVE: Like most market trackers, ComScore says handsets based on Google's Android software now handily outsell iPhone. In February, Android hit 50% market share for the first time, helped by a proliferation of sub-$150 models. BlackBerry maker RIM continues to fall; Nokia is transitioning from its Symbian software to Microsoft Windows Phone.

Samsung says it hopes sales of its flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S3, will hit 30 million by year's end, buoyed by the pending Jellybean (Android 4.1) software upgrade. Last quarter, Apple said it sold 27 million iPhones, but offered no breakdown by model.

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Comments and questions

Looks like the designer got bored and stretched a picture of the iPhone 4.

Change the port, shade in the back and bam! Its a "new" phone. Lets charge an over the top price for it.

Changing the port.....
Thanks a lot for making a bunch of equipment defunct. Watch what they charge for the adaptor

Looks like a samsung galaxy 2 now.

Yes, but is it a better phone? Improved range? Better coverage? Fewer call dropoffs?

That sort of thing is mostly down to network for most people ... although antenna makes a slight difference but a lot less than most people think.

If you are getting lots of drop offs then change network provider!

No NFC makes is inferior to the Samsung S3. I had high hopes for this, but I will be replacing my current iPhone 4 with an S3, with a heavy heart.

Eactly where will you use NFC in NZ...?

On the bus, dork.

So you'll be stuck on 2degrees for that?

Nothing wrong with 2degrees.

You said dork... lol

Tim Cook "I give you the iPhone 4s XL" the longest iPhone yet

Meh . Underwhelming .

lumia 920 for me .

here is a good comparison with actual leading phones,

From that comparison it loses out or is only equal to every other phone it's compared to.

Still tempted though...

that's exactly right. I'm no Apple fanboi (I have a Galaxy S2) but there is something more to the iPhone than just tech specs.
the iPhone has never been ahead of other phones in the specs game, but the iOS has always been light years ahead in terms of UI, and the mass market care more about useability than tech specs, which is why it sells like hotcakes.

good conmparison ! iphone5 the All Black of smartphones - standout

From the above review, this looks like a genuine game-changer. I think, the 5 will cream the market; I truly believe that.

It's an iPhone, of course it will sell like mad. I don't see how this changes the game at all though, it will still be the same game they've been playing for years

What makes it different or is it just a product extension and a marketing gimmick to make more money?

This will be cr*p like the rest of the iphones that go faulty.. Go samsung!

Never had an iPhone that went faulty; and switched to Apple after 3 Samsungs failed on me. So guess each to their own!

Boring... nothing innovative. Just an incremental change from the last one. Can't wait until I get my S3...

Lightning? Every person who has bought a bedside clock radio, sound dock etc is going to hate them for this. Obviously they will now hang on to their older phones for as long as they can. Is this in anyway customer centric or driven? Feels like apple being arrogant.

Exactly..... this makes me wild...arrogance is the word and brand damage is the result.

No LTE version for NZ launch?

Whoopee doo! It's a phone. how amazing.

Written like a peasant who cannot tell the difference between a plough and a combined harvester.

Or just someone who has better things to do with his/her life than to dwell on the significance of a phone

And he has time to read and write on iPhone?

Obviously has a lot of better things to do.

Could have had a tea break. You never know Br ick

But still - you took time out to read an article about a new phone and then comment on it. Unless you were somehow tricked into reading on the article it seems a little strange to be honest.

Yet you were somehow compelled to comment... ?

When does thinner and lighter start to make zero difference ? and why on earth would you want a $1300 phone, iphones are for posers anyway.

Im in business and get by fine with a $100 Vodaphone 858 smartphone.

Can anyone advise of the actual Mhz rating of the iPhone 5 CPU??? Is it Quad or Dualcore??

Can't find any solid evidence on this - typical Apple - always scant on actual details of their hardware!

Dude, its a phone not a PC.


I'm wanting to know the Mhz rating or if it's Quadcore/Dualcore - to compare to other Smartphones, such as the Samsung GS3 - ya knob!

Earth to idiot!
Higher Mhz from xprocessor doesn't mean its faster than yprocessor with lower Mhz. Same goes for no. of cores. Knob!

It's still a measurement I'm curious in - benchmarks will also be interesting to know.

STFU & bother someone else FOOL!

It's too tall; it will fall out of my shirt pocket. The 4S doesn't...

Completely underwhelmed. Lumia 920 specs, ability (such as NFC), camera far exceed that of this over-hyped, under-speced, over-priced, spin-driven Apple device.

I literally see no reason to get this phone. Not one.

Was thinking of changing away from the android, but seeing the change of connector makes me wild.... I'll stay where I am,, what arrogance

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR DARK PLACE and read this: http://iphone5-versus-lumia-920/

Where are the hardware specs of processor and ram etc?
I think the new iPhone 5 will be popular, but as long as Apple continue to produce only high end model smart phones at high end prices, with no option for the budget mided customers... they willonly ever achieve a smaller market share than Android based phones. They need to get into the sub $500 market to really expand their market share.
It seems that Apple is for the rich... many people will not carry $1000 around in their pocket.

Apple's premium price and resultant profitability more than makes up for a smaller market share.

Not sub $500 but they will keep the old models going at cheaper rates. So iPhone 4 drops down to the sub $600 bracket - which isn't too bad for a smartphone.

Only reason to go to the budget market is if you think that, in the future, you can make money off them. Apple obviously see mid-market as people who they can persuade to move up but budget as too fickle. Which is probably about right; my first iPhone was the 3GS I bought last year in the sub $600 space. As soon as the 5 comes out I'll be upgrading to it.

they do have mid range phones, previous generation gets re-listed as mid range models i.e. iPhone 4 8GB while they keep charging premium prices for the latest models.... smart way for making more bucks

There is an adaptor available for the connector - I don't think it will be a big deal.

I am a massive Apple fan but I must admit this i5 launch is a massive disappointment merely because Steve Jobs has past away and now the company is struggling to keep in touch with today's rate of innovation. I have the utmost respect for Mr Jobs because his vision was unparalleled and now these clowns are biting their teeth!! RIP Mr Jobs.

sorry to break it to you but Steve Job's did nothing to the quality or innovation of the phones

His was the one who passed the iPhone 5 design before he died . . . .And instrumental when Apple were designing / making the original iPhone. Read his autobiography if you want. . .

Shut up dude! Steve Knob's is long dead - get over the bridge already!

They Made the screen larger - Great now its the same size as 3 year old phones. They do how ever market so very, very well. These will sell like hot cakes. People with a single shread of Tech-Knowledge will buy android like they allways have been doing.

The design change has been cosmetic and hardly revolutionary, iPhone 5 = iPhone 4 XL (extra Long)

Sounds like a good time to upgrade my phone to a 4S once the 5 is in market for a few months... that'll do me for another couple of years.

The fact a new iPhone model gets two stories on NBR's front page speaks volume about Apple's success.

BS - All it proves is that Chris Keall is an iFanboy - nothing new here - move on people!

Well Guys I have to say... have owned two Iphones now 3s now 4s.. have found them flawless and the one thing that puts them a million miles apart from ALL andriod phones is their smooth touch interface. Ihones dont mistakenly and annoyingly open an app while scrolling lightly through them, it is fast seemless and super simple to use. Has great wifi and call strength. Apple were very VERY stupud to change the dock.. THAT will cost them dearly... if they had any sense, they would include 2 adapters with every new iphone5 sold. What the heck were they thinking? foolish marketing move... honestly... how much speed do you need????

Jeepers - what is it that makes Andriod fanboys post all over an iphone story. I am happy with apple equipment, its solid, its easy and it works. I don't read android stories because I am happy with what I have. I don't post stupid comments all over android news articles either. You android fan boys need to just take a chill pill and be cool.

I really thought they would blow S3 away, a little dissapointing but with the Apple brand, it will sell like mad. hopefuly S4 come out with the A9 chip, than you're talking.

Stick to a real smart phone, the ones that just ring and text.

Some of you basement lounging phone and pc geeks who are afraid to be anyone else but anonymous should be a bit more respectful of the dead.
Have the balls to put a name to yer face if you wanna dish out the name calling. And finally show some maturity, if you've got nothing else to argue over but which smartphone is better then you obviously lead a vey boring life.

I cant afford an iphone! They should make an iphone mini! Lol

Iphone 3310?lol

Very disappointing, to see that Apple is price gouging on the adaptors.

WTF? untucked vs tucked? CK you've lost it - how presenters dress has no bearing on the product and marrs an othrwise reasonable story

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