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New National List MP

Career diplomat Paul Foster-Bell will be confirmed soon to replace resigning MP Jackie Blue on National's parliamentary list.

This follows a statement this afternoon from former National List MP and next on the list, Paul Quinn, that he will not be taking up the seat.

Mr Quinn says he is engaged in a series of commercial projects and is fully committed to his expanding business interests.

National Party general manager Greg Hamilton told NBR ONLINE Mr Foster-Bell, who is currently deputy head of the New Zealand mission in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was expected to soon formally accept the seat.

Otago and Oxford educated, Mr Foster-Bell campaigned for the party vote in Wellington Central in 2011 and is ranked 56 on the party list – the highest-ranked new electorate candidate.

Among his many interests are archaeology (which he studied), gadgets, Winston Churchill, Handel, Radiohead, Richard Dawkins, James Bond, Yes Minister, The Thick of It, House of Cards, Dad's Army, Bottom, Are You Being Served?, Spooks, Blackadder and FawltyTowers.

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Comments and questions

Interested in Richard Dawkins? Do we want followers of extremists in parliament?

Dawkins an extremist? Puh-lease.

Your question should be, do we want enlightened people with no time for religious dogma and other nonsense in parliament? As a matter of fact - yes we do.

Dawkins may not be "religious" but he is certainly a source of dogma and other nonsense...

Sure, if you think a belief in science, logic and intellectual enlightenment is dogmatic nonsense.

On second thoughts, you're right - give me the hysterical ramblings if a clutch of hysterical virgins (altar boys don't count, apparently) any day.

That was sarcasm, by the way. Religious folks tend to have trouble figuring things out for themselves.

How is Richard Dawkins an extremist? He makes valid points and is one of the most influential atheists in history.

Extremely dissapointed that Monty Python, The Young Ones and Father Ted do not feature in his interests, and will be voting against him at every opportunity unless this is remedied.

Perhaps Jock could be so kind as to dig deeper on this issue?

Enjoys Yes Minister, The Thick of It, Dad's Army, Bottom, Are You Being Served?, Blackadder and FawltyTowers... sounds like he's stuck in the UK circa 1986 with no sense of humour!

If Monty Python is not on the list he's not worth having in Parliament.

Come to think of it few of the MPs in Parliament are worth having in Parliament.