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New science coalition to challenge global warming

A group of New Zealand climate scientists have announced the formation of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition to refute what it believes are unfounded claims about man-made  (anthropogenic) global warming.

The coalition includes Dr Vincent Gray, a reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and recently a visiting scholar at the Beijing Climate Centre in China, and Prof. August H. Auer, a past professor of atmospheric science at the University of Wyoming, and previously the chief meteorologist, at the New Zealand MetService.

Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University in Australia, earth scientist Warwick Hughes, consulting environmental geologist and hydrogeologist Roger Dewhurst are also a part of the group.

The convenor of the establishment committee is Mr Owen McShane of the Centre for Resource Management Studies.

The organization says it will publish and distribute papers and commentaries produced by members of the Coalition, and also audit statements by other organizations, both in New Zealand and overseas, which are published in New Zealand, or are expected to influence New Zealand public policy and public opinion.

The group will also aim tio audit the forthcoming IPCC report, either on its own, or through the Asia Pacific Climate Science Coalition, or equivalent organization, if one has been established in time.

Mr McShane says that many scientists and economists are concerned at the monopoly  on public announcements exercised by the United Nations'  IPCC:

"[I]ts statements go largely unchallenged - or go largely unchallenged in a format that will carry weight with governments, the media or the general public... Hence, a new 'sceptical consensus' has developed that, before the next IPCC report is published in February next year, there should be a panel, or panels, of experts who have established themselves as 'auditors' of the IPCC, both here in New Zealand and abroad.".

Environmental group Greenpeace said that there was no need to challenge research originating in the IPCC:

"Why would anyone cast doubt on the largest body of scientific effort ever assembled on planet, [it is] a collaboration of over 1,500 climate experts from around the world that 17 national academies of science have endorsed as the pre-emininent authority on climate science on the planet?"

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