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New Windows, same old price

Local Windows pricing has been revealed this mornign, and it’s ugly.

Microsoft New Zealand had already flagged that Windows 7 would be sold for around the same price as its predecessor Vista.

Not for us the aggressive pre-order discounting that saw consumers in the US, much of Europe and Japan offered Windows 7 at a discount of up to 50% over equivalent versions of Vista (a tactic that sent Windows 7 to the top of’s software sales chart).

Instead, Microsoft NZ did not offer any such pre-order knock-down pricing. Or, in fact, any recommended pricing. Instead, pricing has been left final pricing up to retailers, albeit based on a wholesale pricing regime that’s similar to Vista.

The result is that we see some pricey incarnations of Windows 7 this morning.

Buy the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate from Dick Smith, and you’ll pay $599 - the price of a basic netbook (the upgrade price is $499).

The Professional version of Windows 7 is also $599, or $499 as an upgrade.

The Home Premium version costs $389, or $249 as an upgrade.

Microsoft’s Windows product manager, Ben Green, says most people will buy the new OS bundled with a new PC (computer makers pay a lot less for the software) rather than as a shrink-wrapped upgrade. At these prices, he’ll be right.

For many at large organisation, Windows 7 pricing will be neither here nor there, with many volume license deals accommodating an upgrade (or not).

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Comments and questions

Looks like I'll be buying overseas. Very shortsighted attitude from MS NZ

That is NZ for you,they expect you to buy from here,they don't think people will buy overseas or they are dumb!
I've been looking but you cannot buy from Microsoft or Amazon US or UK. There is only oem versions out there to download at cheap prices but can you trust them?

Lol, ridiculous pricing - I see Linux and Mac getting very popular...
I have used Win7 and it is nice, but come on, this is just silly - no way it's worth that!

I was always averse to Macs due to "Apple Tax", but that's more than negated by $500 for Win7. MAC is now on my radar as a viable option.

Also, Ubuntu 9.10 is out next week, and lookin' pretty good.
If you ain't a technophobe, I suggest you all check it out, you just might be surprised - I was. An absolute no-brainer for the price - FREE.

Install it as a dual boot with windows (very easy) till you get the hang of it, which doesn't take too long. (Heck even my 10 yr is using it happily!)

Goodbye Micro$oft.

Go buy a Mac - you'll be paying a premium there too... You coulduse Linux, good luck to you if you're not a kaftan wearning linux geek tho

Windows 7 looks good. Certainly a big improvement over Vista.

@Anonymous 1:
I help out at a Wellington gallery and I installed Ubuntu 9.04 (read: 2009-April) on 3 machines there 6 months ago and gave them no training or documentation other than some post-it notes with their logins and telling them that they can't break it now matter how hard they try (they don't have the 'root' password). I removed 'Evolution' email in favour of Gmail and set some nicer default themes and left them to it.

I've had one support call to install Skype but other than that they were able to figure it out. They say it looks nicer than Windows XP and that it's faster. These people are not computer geeks and Ubuntu is fine for them.

I think it all depends on whether the applications like OpenOffice are adequate and whether it's compatible with your hardware. If you want to give Ubuntu a try then grab a live CD by downloading this pre-release (burn this to a CD and reboot, it won't damage your computer unless you choose to install)

I've installed ubuntu on several PCs and its been a nightmare from start to finish. Playing tech support is bad enough as it is over the phone but having to describe 30 command lines that need to be typed in is hell on earth. Nope I'll stick with WIndows, its cheaper than a Mac and is much less grief than Linux. tell you I just upgraded from OSX Leopard to Snow Leopard (Vista to Win7 equiv.) for the standard Apple retail price of $59. Ahh the benefits of controlling your hardware market.

this is such a bs.
i would rather buy in the us online store and download the win 7.
way cheaper than u buy it from any retailer the nz
agree, shortsighted attitude and broken marketing stratagic.
even worse than the vodafone iphone sales.

Sorry to hear about @anonymous' bad experience with Ubuntu... It's not very typical. Ubuntu 9.10 (the new version, code name "Karmic Koala") is due out next week. Running a pre-release version at home (running 9.04 at work), and it's excellent. Personally, I think if you've got a brain, and you know that the Internet isn't *really* a series of tubes, you're a silly bugger (who likes to throw money into a hole and give away your freedom) not to seriously consider Linux.

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