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No let up for for flood-prone homes in quake city

The same flood-prone homes and businesses in Christchurch were hit again last night and today.

Some areas around the Heathcote River near the Port Hills have always been flood prone but the earthquakes have exacerbated problems.

Other areas in Mairehau and Shirley have experienced new frequency of flooding in moderate rain due to land slumping across entire neighbourhoods.

Hillside suburbs are also experiencing problems from water runoff.  

Many of the flood-hit homeowners in Flockton St, Mairehau face slow deterioration in the condition and value of houses.

Shops at Edgeware in St Albans are employing sand bags with limited success.

Overnight, 33 streets were closed and traffic remains slow on some arterial routes where ponding covers the road.

According to a city council media statement – “If you believe there is a risk to life, call 111 and self-evacuate.”

Mayor Lianne Dalziel recently called for some homes to be red zoned but Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the council must come up with a solution.

Meanwhile, Ms Dalziel has initiated a task force dedicated to improving the situation ahead of a multi-million works programme aimed at alleviating flooding which will take two years.

The task force is to report to the council in three weeks, setting out options.

They may include temporary options such as water-proofing the first metre of flood-prone building with temporary flood barriers and installing non-return valves on sewer connections.

The task force will focus on flood-prone areas such as Shirley (Flockton Basin), Woolston, Heathcote Valley, Lyttelton and Little River.

Significant flooding damaging homes and businesses has occurred in June 2013, March 5, April 18, and April 29, 2014.

These inundations were initially described by authorities as one in 100-year events.

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Reading the last line of this article it goes to show once again, don't ever trust what the authorities tell you.
They know how to drain you of your money better than they know how to drain their city!