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No monorail for Te Anau

A proposed monorail from Queenstown to Te Anau doesn't make sense financially or environmentally.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith has announced the venture will not receive consent to proceed because it fails to stack up.

It was the brainchild of Wanaka developer Bob Robertson and would have brought tourists to his lodge at Te Anau Downs.

Dr Smith says the route was ill-defined and would have caused considerable dmanage to flora and fauna in the area.

It would have cost around $250 million and close to the same amount to remove if it had failed for any reason.

It would also have required access roads and a 6m wide corridor.

Mr Robertson has developed several subdivisions around Wanaka as well as Pegasus Town near Christchurch which was placed in receivership and subsequently sold to Todd Group to complete.

Comments and questions

"damage to flora and fauna" give me a break.
It sounded like a wonderful idea and albeit not privy to any financial details that have made the idiot Smith wary, I put his refusal to just another one of his life failures.

Hi anonymous, I think the financial risk is the area to focus on, just google the main names for illumination...