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No plans to take Willie Jackson off the air

Mediaworks is standing behind broadcaster Willie Jackson after he incited striking wharfies to aggressive tactics on its Radio Live show this afternoon.

LATEST: Jackson retreats

Mr Jackson, an ex-trade unionist and Alliance Party MP, said intimidation or violence was needed to stop non-union workers being called in to do striking workers’ job.

“I hope they get aggressive down there on the wharf… if you want to win something, you’ve got to get a bit physical here,” he said on the air.

“Come on wharfies – don’t stand by and wave your flags. Go and bust your pickets over some of these scabs going in there. Take some action, you mugs!”

Advocating militant action, he said striking wharfies should also hit out against Ports of Auckland chairman Richard Pearson.

He urged strikers to sit on Mr Pearson’s car, occupy his car, occupy his office.

“Occupy everywhere. Do what you have to do.”

NBR Online understands a complaint to police, from Mr Pearson, can not be ruled out.

But Radio Live’s parent company Mediaworks says Mr Jackson clearly explained to co-host John Tamihere later on the show, he did not advocate violence.

Because that point was clearly made in the context of a heated debate, Mr Jackson was expected to be back on the air tomorrow.

Mediaworks gave NBR Online a statement on Mr Jackson’s behalf:

"I want to make it clear that when I say 'milliant action', I'm talking about taking a stance on an issue in a strong but non-violent manner, in the way that Lucy Lawless took a stance recently with Greenpeace. As I said very clearly in today's broadcast, I do NOT advocate violence.”

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Comments and questions

Shame Willie's every word is recorded and available so everyone can judge what he actually said for themselves. Now, of course, he says he didn't say them, well, didn't mean them, well, "get a bit physical" but not physical. He will need more than a spin doctor to get his foot out of his mouth this time. The brave, outspoken broadcaster. Yeah right. All really sad really.

Sorry "Bust your pickets over some of these scabs" is not advocating violence? There's a Tui ad in there somewhere!

Willie Jackson adds nothing of value to the talk-back show with his constant interruptions and snide remarks including some about his co host. The odd jibe is OK even humorous sometime but Willie is just a plonker.