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'F**k you' tweet - Nokia has theory

UPDATE / Nov 29: Nokia has sent NBR the following update on the "F**k you" message sent from its NZ Twitter account earlier this week. 

“We take this extremely seriously and since the incident occurred our team has been investigating the matter to identify the source," it reads.

"At this stage we believe it was the likely result of a hacker and have subsequently increased our security protocol.

“We would like to again apologise to our Twitter followers in New Zealand and anyone offended by the post. We appreciate the ongoing support of our Twitter community in New Zealand and will be continuing our investigations into this matter.”

Nokia NZ investigates after 'F**k you' tweet

Nov 27: Nokia NZ is investigating after a "F**k you" message (with out the asterisks) was tweeted from its @NokiaNZ Twitter account around 12.30pm today.

The message was quickly deleted, but not before Wellington man Owen Williams had taken a screen shot (above right).

It spread like wildfire through social media - along with theories ranging from a disgruntled employee to Christmas party shenanigans to a fumbling social media operator who posted from the wrong account.

Nokia's ranking NZ employee, business development manager Brent Robinson, did not immediately return a request for comment.

In at 1.21pm post, @NokiaNZ said, "Hi everyone, contrary to the last tweet, we love our Nokia NZ fans! Apologies to those who were offended- we're investigating the source now."

As the Twitter buzz built, Nokia NZ - which has a modest social media following - was at least at last being talked about. "When you find the 'source', give that person a raise," quipped @CyrisXD.

Nokia is in the process of being bought by Microsoft. 

A Microsoft NZ insider earlier told NBR he did not anticipate any redundancies as Nokia only has two full-time staffers on the ground in NZ, with the bulk of its Australasian staff located across the Tasman.

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Comments and questions

Chris - I can't help observing there's quite a disparity in the number of your Twitter followers vs Nokia's. I'm surprised anyone noticed their original screw-up.

Magic of the re-tweet

Reminds me of a similar quote by Arnold in the movie Commando...

Really, who cares? Some kid got hold of it. Next story ...