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Norman challenged for Greens co-leadership

NewstalkZB reports:

Green Party member David Hay is intending to challenge Dr  for the party’s co-leadership.

Mr Hay, who was the Green Party’s candidate for Epsom at the last election and is currently ranked number 16 on the party’s list, claims the party needs to be ‘putting its A team forward’.

“Russel has been doing a great job for the Green Party, but he has been co-leader for six years now,” he says.

“While the party has grown in stature and credibility during Russel’s tenure, we have new people in caucus, and there’s fresh new talent among the party membership.”

Mr Hay says he is putting himself forward with a plan to build the party’s base in Auckland, focus on environmental and economic sustainability and lift the party’s performance.

The statement from David Hay is here. He says:

“I think one of the Party co-leaders should be based in Auckland, be well-informed on Auckland issues, and take a hands-on role in building the party’s Auckland base.” 

“The Green Party has under-performed at winning votes in Auckland, and we need to turn that around. Only three members of the Green Party’s 14 MPs are based in Auckland. We currently lack sufficient presence here, in New Zealand’s largest city, where a third of the population live.”

The election will be at the  conference in June 2014.

This is the first time an incumbent co-leader has been challenged, and that is significant. There is obvious some discontent, but what is not known is how extensive it is. Is it an Auckland vs the rest issue?

What will be interesting to observe is where the MPs stand. Will they all back Norman or will they consult with their electorates and vote in accordance with their wishes?

Comments and questions

Shouldn't the headline read "Greens challenged for Leadership"

Although, stealing Labour's policies along with their voter base is also a preferred option also.

Let's hoe Dr. Norman retains his co-leadership role for many years to come. Politics needs some light relief from time to time, and Norman's wacky ideas provide that nicely

What this really shows is the lack of credible depth in the Green Party when a minor Bureaucrat (definately not in the top three levels at Auckland City Council) can be in the list position and a challenger for leadership of a political party.

David Hay will fail. Hay is not radical enough for the Green party faithful. Norman appeals to the extreme Greens.

"Build the Party Base in Auckland" - that really sums them up - a whole lot of wannbes living in Auckland and telling the rest of NZ how they should run their lives - go try to build the "party base" on the West Coast & see how much luck you have!

Surely any one would be better than the whining "give me back my flag' Oz?

Does David Hay have another point of difference?
Is Norman a True-blue New Zealander? Has anyone seen his naturalisation papers? Or, is he a dual citizen?
Can any Australian stand for & sit in our Parliament?
I think we should be told.

Dave will bring some hard-headed business nous to the Greens: with his finely-honed skill set coming by way from his years of working with Maori and pushing Treaty issues, Community Access Radio, preparing and hand-delivering MRP pamphlets, office admin and being good at filing....

He may be a dyed-in-the-wool greenie but he ain't no greenhorn.

There is a real risk that the co-leader policy of the greens will eventually fail. All organisations need a leader ; one leader. They should take this challenge as an opportunity to review this policy and replace both co-leaders with an hermaphrodite.

Surely there's room for a 3rd co-leader. They should just appoint him and save any blood-letting. Perhaps along with an extra female wannabe leader to keep the gender balance. Either that, or appoint the whole list as co-leaders. No doubt the list will be gender balanced.