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Biggest monthly net migration gain since January 2010

New Zealand rounded out its biggest monthly net gain of new migrants since January 2010 in March, with Chinese and Indians leading the charge.

The country reported a seasonally adjusted net inbound migration of 1220 in March, the most in more than three years, and the third month of net gains, according to Statistics New Zealand.

The monthly net gain was in spite of 2728 more people quitting New Zealand for Australia, the smallest loss since September 2010, with net migration gains of 423 from China and 572 from India.

There was a net gain of 2542 new migrants in the 12 months ended March 31, compared to a net loss of 3383 a year earlier. The UK remained the dominant pool for net positive migration with an annual gain of 6069, followed by 5383 from China and 4858 from India.

Short-term visitor numbers rose to a seasonally adjusted 226,650 in March from 224,420 in February and up from 210,770 a year earlier. The earlier Easter holiday was seen the main cause behind the increase in the March numbers, with the biggest monthly gains from Australia, the UK and US.

The figures come a day after Prime Minister John Key announced plans to spend an extra $158 million on tourism to attract big-spending visitors from emerging nations and international conferences and business events through targeted marketing campaigns.


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Remember when New Zealand attracted migrants from developed countries, when New Zealanders could get jobs in their own suburbs - in Mt Roskill, Sandringham, and Mt Albert ...

... remember ?

So in 20 years NZ will have a name change to Asia Down Under, the Land of the Long Yellow Cloud.
Australia here we all come.