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NZ cricket shame makes world news

New Zealand latest cricket shame has made international news with the BBC describing the 45-run first Test innings against South Africa as the lowest since June 1974.

On that occasion, India scored just 42 against England at Lord's in June 1974. The total is the third lowest ever scored by New Zealand and the 12th lowest of all time.

After New Zealand had won the toss at Cape Town and elected to bat, the South African bowlers tore through the weak Kiwi lineup. Vernon Philander took five wickets for just four runs in less than three overs, while Morne Morkel (3-14) and Dale Steyn (2-18) completed the job.

The entire innings took less than 30 overs with only one New Zealander making it to double figures -- Kane Williamson with 13.

Speaking after the day's play, New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum had no excuses and praised the South African bowlers.

''That spell [Philander's] was as good a spell as you'd see in test cricket," he said. ''He never misses his length and asks questions of you defensively in terms of defending your stumps but also managed to get the odd ball to kiss away.

''We weren't anywhere near where we need to be, all of us. None of us wanted it enough, or were able spend enough time at the crease to overcome the challenge laid down to us."

Steyn's two wickets made him the joint third fastest bowler to 300 Test wickets and earned a standing ovation when he knocked Doug Bracewell's off stump over.

Steyn is the fourth South African to 300 wickets after Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock and Makhaya Ntini, and matched the 61 Tests it took Sir Richard Hadlee and Malcolm Marshall to reach 300 wickets.

Only Dennis Lillee (56) and Muttiah Muralitharan (58) were quicker to 300 wickets, while Shane Warne took 63 Tests.

Later in the day, Jacques Kallis became the fourth batsman to reach 13,000 Test runs as South Africa finished on 252-3.

Opener Alviro Petersen was unbeaten on 103 at the close.

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Comments and questions

are the people who run cricket the same ones who run swimming?

No but they write negative reviews about swimming.

No, but they are the same ones who run Rakon.

hmmm. I think you'll find Justin Vaughan laid the ground work for this debacle. Along with Heath Mills. We have several talented, but average players in terms of results. McCullum didn't score any runs his last 4 series against Sth Africa, West Indies, India or Sri Lanka and was made captain. He in fact should have had his place in the team questioned. Attacking cricket can be played by good players, attritional cricket can be played by players with some determination.

What an awful choice for captain Ross Taylor would have been - smart move Hesson! Hope your career is on the line - driven by results of course!!

Sack the coach!

He has caused enough problems to date!

Sack the Head of NZ cricket who has overseen the demise of international cricket for NZ. Roll him, the coach, and all associated at the top.

The Black Caps should more aptly change their name to "BLACK LOSERS" until they return from the doldrums.

I am old enough to remember listening to NZ versus England at Eden Park in 1955 when we were dismissed for 26 and had a horrible sense of deja vu - - -

Thank god Iam a kiwi living in oz,where they guts it out playing cricket.not a good look,I really think they need to join the oz comp.

Thank god Iam a kiwi living in oz,where they guts it out playing cricket.not a good look,I really think they need to join the oz comp.

Why is anyone even interested? New Zealand doesn't play cricket. We've never been any good at it except for a freak period in the 80s when we had Sir Richard Hadlee and a few other exceptional players all in the team at the same time. Otherwise we suck. We sucked before, we suck now. Why are people even interested in this? Are you all interested in mens softball? No? So what's the deal with cricket then? Why are people even wasting their time.

People are interested hence the comments here. If you aren't don't watch and shut up as you really don't give a hoot anyway.

I am interested, I love cricket. Its damn hard to be a supporter at the moment, but I still love the game. I am not interested in the rugby, but understand that others are, so let them enjoy their sport, I will continue to enjoy mine.

Makes you wonder! They are certainly as thick skinned as a long distance polar swimmer so there is a connection for you ! Otherwise they would have resigned enmasse over "The Taylor Debacle" with just a small semblance of dignity. As it is now--they have NONE.

They should all catch the next flight home, and resign in disgrace, followed by the whole NZC administration. Thank goodness we have the tests in Australia to watch instead.

You might have hit the jackpot there. Possibly too -- contagion.
I understand one of the genuises (sic)heading up cricket (well, sitting in the top seat anyway), a certain Mr Moller, recently lent his unquestionable talents and leadership skills to swimming via a highly-acclaimed report into governance etc in the pool.
Was this cricket debacle just bad luck or is it the perfect outcome when you just are riddled with incompetence (not to mention arrogance) from the chair, the CEO, the coach and the skipper?
It is phenomenally rare to get a full-house like that.

Why be surprised. A fish rots from the head down.
Start at the top and wean the CEOand coach out for starters and then start on the others so to create a different culture within the hirearchy of NZ cricket.

Until it is done nothing will change. How can one expect different results when they are doing the same thing?

Well done Mike Hesson, this confirms what a joke of a coach you are and Moller's leadership has really shown itself here.........

I hope NZC takes some accountability, Moller you need to go and take Hesson and the players association with you.

Remember the "bring back Buck" campaign? We need to bring back Taylor - quick!

Watch the reaction of the SA cricketer that claims any Black Cap's wicket; he won't be throwing his arms up in the air in joyful elation, it will be a bored shrug of the shoulders. Sadly, our "heroes" have all the spine of a garden worm.

Couldnt agree more with the comments above. but can you see anyone at the top stepping down. They spent more time training McCullum on how to give defeat speaches than teaching our boys how to play cricket.

Without in any way condoning the shambolic management of New Zealand cricket or the performance of its lamentable talent pool, Aussie were rolled for 47 last year in Africa, therefore some perspective is required. Now we just a good second innings and a win in the next test as has been our way of late...............

What a Shame NZ Cricket Board and the Coach needs in the first
Place to be Ex international Cricket Players of repute,and respect
in the World of Cricket,

You cant have Club cricket players leading the NZ Cricket and
Having their own Whims & Fancy,and Treating our Top Performing
Players , as School boy cricketers,

heads need to roll very quickly and timely change is needed for
NZ Cricket and Fans to watch them play,


To be fair the Ozzies only got 47 back in 2011(?).

Bad luck NZ. This was a great bowling performance by SA.. Some of the deliveries were unplayable and deserved a wicket. If you have played the game you will acknowledge this. Remember, you have three key players not playing and a young side that can only learn out of their mistakes. However, you guys still remain our most feared 20/20 team and let’s don’t talk rugby now…….