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NZ guest nights rise in June, ending a five-month decline

BUSINESSDESK: New Zealand guest nights rose in June, ending five months of declines, led by an increase in domestic guest nights.

Total guest nights rose 4% to 1.8 million in June from the same month a year earlier, Statistics New Zealand says. The rise came from an 8.8% gain in domestic guest nights to 1.7 million, while international guest nights rose 3.9% to 1 million.

"Domestic guest nights drove the overall increase, with international guest nights rising to a lesser extent," industry and labour statistics manager Blair Cardno says. "Most of the national rise occurred in the North Island, particularly in Auckland, with hotels showing a strong increase."

North Island guest nights rose 4.5% compared to June last year, led by a 12.9% increase in Auckland to 401,000 nights. Guest nights in the South Island rose by 3.4% to 611,000.

The trend remains "relatively flat" in the South Island largely because of last year's Canterbury earthquake, the government department said.

Guest nights rose across all accommodation types, led by an 8.2%increase in hotels to 976,000 compared to a month earlier. The number of nights spent at hotels has increased 5.3% since a recent low point in December.

Nationally, the number of nights spent in motels rose 4.8% to 917,000, holiday parks increased 2.5% to 543,000 and backpacker accommodation advanced 0.5% to 343,000.