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NZ Herald downsizing to tabloid?

The New Zealand Herald is heading for a new look.

Format changes are in the pipeline, which include a possible shift to compact, or tabloid, size.

The paper’s media writer, John Drinnan, reports the proposed redesign is part of a wide-ranging review to meet challenges facing the newspaper industry.

They include a 7% decline in newspaper sector revenue globally last year and big changes in in media consumption habits.

Former Herald editor-in-chief Gavin Ellis told Mr Drinnan that the tabloid size "is a plus in terms of being much easier to handle - women in particular find them easier to handle".

In August, Herald publisher APN wrote-down the value of the newspaper by 20%, a reflection of a tough advertising and circulation market for the print edition.

Yesterday APN was embroiled in fresh controversy as Paul Connolly, a director of its Irish parent company Independent News, alleged payments to departing chief executive Gavin O’Reilly were unlawful.

Comments and questions

The Herald has already downsized in everything - quality.
The tabloid format would be merely adjusting to the rubbish newspaper it has become

Why not. It's a tabloid in every other way. Sad to see Auckland as a decent sized city without a credible daily.
We have the O'Reilly family to thank for that.
Any bets on the name? How about "News of the (greenie) World", "The Daily Mirror of Mediocrity",
"The (setting of the Auckland) Sun". "The Daily Mail (out of trivia)"?

Wy precisely do women find tabloids easier to handle?

Surely this is not neurological factor arising from the pocket sized quatum of women's magazines and and their dimunitive dumbed down content?

The suggestion that the Herald's size and its inferred corollary of "dumbing down" fits more comfortably with women per se, is very provovcative to say the least.

Good grief. Downsize if you must, but please Gavin, don't suggest my hands would prefer it. I'm quite happy to hang on to a proper sized paper, if it's got decent news stories in it.

So negative! I think its a great idea, much easier to read on public transport & on flights! I dont know why this wasnt done long time ago!

NZ Hearld is already a tabloid in content.

Not a good idea.

great ideia. this will be much better for my smaller hands and smaller brain to hanle.

Try reading the NBR then.

This is not unexpected
Tabloid size, tabloid content, tabloid values - just confirms what we already know
Oh what a sad day
On the plus side - what it would do is open the way for a decent paper to fill the void it has vacated

I agree with all those comments re: "tabloid content". But will Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond (whose ads occupy about 50% of the paper) agree to downsizing?

Tabloid is a printing format, not an allusion to the quality of content - but why women in particular will find them easier to handle is a mystery to me. Either it's easier to handle or it isn't.

Why doesn't the NZH reduce the size of its rag to the same size as toilet paper, then it would quite useful and much easier to handle, even for men.

All they need now to do is have a page three girl. The paper has sunk to new depths

Easier for women to handle?!?! It is the 21st century isn't it??

Can only agree with much of the above comments. The Herald is already a tabloid in all but physical shape. It's challenges lie in quality of product as much as consumer behaviour.

If APN is serious about reviewing the paper in the face of declining media consumption habits then in all seriousness maybe they could consider bringing the "news" back into "newspaper" so that people really want to buy it.

It's a bit like ebooks vs paper - people will pay more to consume their information on paper because of the intrinsic satisfaction the physical product brings - but they will not pay for a poor product.

Bring back quality and your customers will come back to you.

Dam Women - it all went down hill when they got the vote

Quickly get Alasdair Thompson for a comment.

The 7% decline in newspaper sector revenue, is only a fraction of the story .... profitability has gone through the floor as margins are squeezed to the limit to try and compete with new media.

This is evident in loss of quality, downsizing to tabloid style, and desperate attempts to try and get the recently literate female population to engage in reading the paper instead of womans weekly ;-)

Dinosaurs in the tar pit?

people times change and we all need ro except chnage.who knows could end up been a great paper again ?

The only erason to produce a 'tabloid' size paper is to increase the advertising space. It has been a long time since the Herald actually carried any realnewsworhty 'NEWS' articles. It should change it's banner line to read 'HERALD the voice of medicocrity and Sovilaisim'; because that is what most of it's journalists write.
I only subscribe to the Herald now because I beleive that my subscription keeps three journalists of the 'Dole', and it gives me something to explore during my morning coffee!.

Please could you post the research that quantifies the statement about women needng a tabloid for their "smaller hands". Being such a ludicrous statement, i assume this is some passing statement made that you thought fit to print.

And smaller pages mean less for a full page ad. Yay, everyone's a winner.

Leaving aside all the "tabloid" comments there is no doubt that the smaller size will be much easier to handle and very welcome
Willie Getonwithit