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NZ POLITICS DAILY: 26th November 2013

Today’s links

Deep sea oil drilling

Siobhan Downes (Stuff): Greenpeace challenges Anadarko approval

TV3: Oil protest flotilla heading home as Greenpeace goes to court

Dan Satherley (TV3): Key dismisses Anadarko protesters as 'rent-a-crowd'

Brendan Manning (Herald): Anadarko starts drilling in the early morning

Chris Gardner (Stuff): Oil ship begins drilling

TV3/Newswire: Anadarko begins exploratory drilling

Matthew Theunissen (Herald): Anadarko protest: Technical issues delay deep sea drilling

TVNZ: Govt may step in over Anadarko protests

No Right Turn: Deep-sea drilling: Risks and arrogance

Greg Williamson (Stuff): Drilling for good stories

Nevil Gibson (NBR): The Good news about oil they don't want you to know (paywalled)

Stuff: Government can handle oil protesters - Key


Maori electorates

Michael Fox (Stuff): Six vie to replace Tariana Turia

Bryce Edwards (liberation): Maori Party and Te Tai Hauauru – a sign of looming defeat

Morgan Godfery (Maui St): Winning in Te Tai Hauauru

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Te Tai Hauauru candidates

Michael Fox (Stuff): Hunt for Turia's replacement begins

RNZ: Maori Party selects six to contest Tai Hauauru

No Right Turn: Maori, large electorates, and representation


Asset sales

Matthew Hooton (NBR): Share buybacks - will Cunliffe be hypocrite or ‘profligate communist’? (paywalled)

Tova O’Brien (TV3): Labour 'quite likely' to buy state-owned assets back

RNZ: Labour won't fall into asset sales trap

RNZ: PM challenges opposition to commit to buy-back

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Referendum will achieve nothing

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk ZB): Asset sales referendum in full swing



Stuff: Spying leaks may include NZ - Key

Andrea Vance (Stuff): GCSB Agents refused police interviews

Newswire: Snowden 'highly likely' to have spy info

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk): Snowden might have dirt on GCSB spying

No Right Turn: On spying, refusal to deny is an admission of guilt



RNZ: ACC call for election-year levy cuts cynical – Labour

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): ACC proposes to cut licensing fees

Newswire: ACC recommends lower levies

Newswire: ACC levies 'unacceptably high' – Labour


Anti violence

Matthew Backhouse (Herald): Men overestimate tolerance towards derogatory comments

Heather McCracken (Herald): Hundreds join demonstration against family violence

Newswire: Face up to sexual violence, Sharples says


Income and poverty

Amy Shanks (Herald): Mother has $8 left to feed family

RNZ: Cunliffe says trans-Tasman pay gap widening

RNZ: Govt rejects Labour wage gap figures



Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Government plans Alzheimers campaign

Richard Prebble (Breaking Views): Politically Incorrect thinking


Gareth Morgan NZ football offer

Gareth Morgan: Offer to Revamp New Zealand

Stuff: Morgan's offer fails to attract Govt funding

Steve Deane (Herald):McCully lukewarm on Morgan football offer



Vernon Small (Stuff): Labour and National adopt classic ploy in Chch East by-election

Liam Hehir (Manawatu Standard): Stance a threat to rule of law

Chris Trotter (Stuff): Conservatives a vanity project

Eric Crampton (Offsetting behaviour): Builder Baker

Nevil Gibson (NBR): What does Colin Craig stand for and is he stealing ideas (paywalled)

Simon Prast (Daily Blog): Taking Care of Business

Ideologically Impure: So Martyn Bradbury wrote a post about me

Peter Aranyi (The Paepae): Piercing the veil. Why I think Martyn is a bully

Paul Moon (Herald): The Titford fallacy

Alexander Gillespie (Herald): Drug liberalisation worth a shot in NZ

Lynn Williams (Stuff): Golliwog caricature dehumanising

Chris Keal (NBR): Aspiring politician Kim Dotcom exports jobs

Jamie Ball (NBR): Treasury: Who is advising the adviser?

David Williams (NBR): How quick is Auckland’s new housing fast-track?

The Standard: Key and English – best of friends.

Bernard Orsman (Herald): Call for mayor's HK trip to be reviewed

TV3: Net fishing ban 'not enough' to save Maui's dolphins

Liam Dann (Herald): Where does business fit in the green debate?

Roger Douglas (NZCPR): New Zealand Needs Reform Not Tinkering

Muriel Newman (NZCPR): Nordic countries show the way

Isaac Davison (Herald): P use in NZ slashed, but battle far from over

Stuff: Solid Energy restructuring 'disappointing'

Lyn Humphreys (Stuff): Fluoride in water 'illegal'

Stuff: Schools free to act as digital hubs

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Liquor laws would've banned minibars

Isaac Davison (Herald): New law wrings out 'happy hour'

NZ Parliament: 100 years of by-elections in New Zealand: 1913-2013

Stuff: Today in politics - Tuesday, November 26

Matt Rilkoff (Stuff): Electoral revamp favours National

Charles Anderson (Stuff): 'First step' taken on EQC action