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NZ POLITICS DAILY: August 25 2014

Today’s content

Dirty Politics

John Armstrong (Herald): PM resolves to harpoon 'Whalegate'

Aimee Gulliver (Stuff): Dotcom 'preparing legal action' against blogger

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Why the Secret Intelligence Service feeding Cameron Slater information is so very, very, very serious

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk ZB): Peters calls for top-level inquiry into Hager allegations

Campbell Gibson (NBR): Councillor stands by PR veteran targeted by Hager (paywalled)

Joshua Drummond (Stuff): PM's nice-guy image gone forever

Toby Manhire (Guardian): The whale that swallowed New Zealand's election campaign

Dene Mackenzie (ODT): Hager's book continues to haunt

The Press: Editorial: Time to commit to clean politics

Sarah Robson (Newswire): John Key ignores questions over Judith Collins

Radio NZ: Dirty Politics will endure - professor

Torben Akel (TV3): Delving into Dirty Politics

David Fisher (Herald): Tidal wave of dirt that could swamp election

John Armstrong (Herald): It's dirty all right, but voters don't seem to care

Fran O'Sullivan (Herald): Oxygen in short supply as parties scramble for damage control after Hager book lands

Steve Braunias (Stuff): The secret diary of . . . Judith Collins

Rodney Hide (NBR): Political nasties paddle in shallow pool (paywalled)

Bryan Gould: We Are Asking the Wrong Question

Kurt Bayer (Herald): Slater faces probe over court breach allegation

Tova O’Brien (TV3): Collins' star falling after Dirty Politics

Newswire: Winston says Collins must go

Brook Sabin (TV3): Collins refuses to apologise for alleged leak to Slater

Peter Aranyi (The Paepae): Read it and weep. Nicky Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’

Paul Little (Herald): Integrity missing from politics

Herald: Editorial: We're all wiser to the ways of power

Amy Maas (Herald): No clue to MP's office thief

Grant Shimmin (Stuff): Voters ought to be properly informed

Rob Hosking (NBR): How John Key became Whale Oil-lite (paywalled)

Vernon Small (Stuff): A long week in politics

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Campaign 2014 is littered with landmines

Phil Taylor (Herald): Whale Oil and friends

Duncan Garner (Stuff): Key punching at shadows as he fails to clean up leaking dirt

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): John Key: 'Ask me anything'

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): PM offers phone records

David Fisher (Herald): Collins grants blogger's request in just 37 minutes

David Fisher (Herald): Minister's staffer took part in blog

Steven Price (Media Law Journal): Is Whale Oil a journalist (2)?

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): How Hager got it wrong on The Princess Party

Martin van Beynen (Stuff): Sadly, Hager's book won't clean up politics

Andrew Gunn (Stuff): National's policies. Yes?

Patrick Gower (Herald): Step aside, Judith, Paula's coming

Herald: Editorial: 'Crusher' must be put in her place

Steve Braunias (Stuff): Focusing on the election campaign

Georgia Nelson (Newstalk ZB): Google stats suggest 'Dirty Politics' interest dropping

Daphna Whitmore (Redline): Digging up the dirt

The Jackal: Casualties of Dirty Politics

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Blogging vs Journalism vs Politics – The 7 latest revolting revelations

Pete George (Your NZ): Excuses and ethics for Hager don’t stack up

The Standard: Hacked election

Herald: Editorial: 'Crusher' must be put in her place

Kelvin Smythe (Networkonnet): New Zealand, after six years of Key, has been corrupted by the sleaze and dirty tricks to a different kind of New Zealand

Bronwyn Hayward (Seed research group): Towards a Better New Zealand Democracy

John Braddock and Tom Peters (World Socialist Website): Media turns against New Zealand government ahead of election

Peter de Graaf (Northern Advocate): National security defects exposed

The Standard: An ethical example

Nick Grant (NBR): Key comfortable with Gwyn inspecting staff’s personal emails

Stuff: Collins sticks to her guns, and friends


National and housing

Gordon Campbell (Scoop): On National’s housing assistance plan

Audrey Young (Herald): Nats in push to woo first-home buyers

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Washing away the grime

Josie Pagani (Herald): Housing plan weakens trust in Key

TV3: Housing issue nudges Dirty Politics aside

Danyl Mclauchlan (Dim-Post): First thoughts about National’s Housing Policy

Tracy Watkins and Michael Fox (Stuff): Housing promise to spark National campaign

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): National offers $20k kick-start for homeowners

Audrey Young (Herald): Government boost for first-home buyers

Simon Wong (TV3): National launches key home buyers policy

Bevan Hurley (Herald): Nats eyeing housing aid

Greg Presland (The Standard): Labour’s housing plan is much better


Internet Mana

Matthew Brockett (Bloomberg): Dotcom Plots New Zealand Grab With Dance-Party Politics

Matthew Backhouse (Herald): Dotcom denies he's behind the Whale Oil hacking

Russell Brown (Public Address): Didn't see that coming

Michael Fox (Stuff): Corkery hacked off with the hackers

TVNZ: Reporter called a 'puffed up little sh*t' by Internet Party staffer

Michael Fox (Stuff): Dotcom tells of hacking skill

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Internet MANA announce free tertiary education & full employment – media ego blocks it

Sophie Ryan (Herald): Press secretary's tirade overshadows campaign launch

Brook Sabin (TV3): Internet Mana launch ends in chaos

Michael Fox (Stuff): Internet-Mana promises jobs for all  

Sophie Ryan (Herald): Dotcom hailed as 'super hero' as Internet Mana kick off campaign

Newswire: Internet Mana pledges 100,000 new jobs


New Zealand First

Philip Matthews (Stuff): Breaking bread and wine with Winston

Rachel Smalley (Newstalk ZB): NZ First failing to move with the times

Caleb Harris (Stuff): Mark could get NZ First across line

Michael Field (Stuff): Winston Peters points at 'laundering scheme'

Nicholas Jones (Herald): Labour a party of 'gays, lesbians, loony left' - NZ First candidate

NBR: Winston Peters attacks Auckland land bankers



Grant McDougall (Public Address): If political parties were beer ...

Michael Fox (Stuff): Tame Iti to stand for Maori Party

Elton Smallman (Stuff): Disabled left on the margins

Dave Armstrong (Stuff): Fear of lost votes is te reo's worst enemy

Joe McClure (Fightback): Elections and migrant-bashing: Full rights for migrant workers

Jane Bowron (Stuff): PM's "most New Zealanders" phrase wears thin

Alan Simpson (Stuff): Tough assignment to take National's heartland seats

Vernon Small (Stuff): Labour takes razor to alternative budget

Mathew Dearnaley (Herald): Labour - We'll start rail link

Jane Bowron (Stuff): Voters weary of being told what's important

Stuff: What are Kiwi voters searching for?

Patrick O'Meara (Radio NZ): Economy – The battle of ideas

Herald: Five questions with John Key and David Cunliffe

Herald: Intention good, trip a letdown

Herald: Seven-day roundup: Labour goes grey, Greens up tax rate

Herald: Election 2014: The week in numbers

Ben Uffindell (Herald): The future of the nation - it's in your hands

Kerre McIvor: Vote Compass party picker offers weird choices

Tim Watkin (Pundit): Conservatives want assurances on National's morals before offering confidence & supply

Andrea Vance (Stuff): Labour to axe secondary tax

TVNZ: Vote Compass first results: Economy the top issue

Daily Blog: NZ’s Foreign Aid: The Party Policies Compared

TV3: Upcoming polls 'significantly' slanted - panel

Aimee Gulliver (Stuff): MPs should bring chaos to order, poll says

Dominion Post: Editorial: No one party 'owns' an election

Michael Fox (Stuff): Cunliffe apologises for ancestors  

Brent Edwards (Radio NZ): Fact or fiction?

Andrea Vance (Stuff): ACT's attitude shift

TVNZ: Colin Craig taking Electoral Commission to court

John Roughan (Herald): Let the clean campaign be heard

Verity Johnson (Herald): To gain our trust, you'll have to earn it

Isaac Davison (Herald): Conservative Party confirms first five members on list

Grant Smithies (Stuff): Election day: A time to settle grudges

TVNZ: Vote Compass: Taxes should stay as they are

Kuneblog: Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Election

Matthew Beveridge: Ask away influencing the media?

Radio NZ: Failed Expat Party blames Commission

Claire Trevett (Herald): Leaders unplugged: Epsom cuppa puts bad memories in past

Vernon Small (Stuff): Labour moots major transport investment

Steve Kilgallon (Stuff): Greens' Russel Norman - a reluctant leader

Stuff: ACT wants more transparency in youth justice


Election advertising

Paul Casserly (Herald): Opening up the Vote

Grumpollie: Political party Opening Statement evaluations (parties on the left)

Stephanie Rodgers (The Standard): The opening addresses of Election 2014

Matthew Beveridge: Opening addresses and social media

Frank Macskasy (Daily Blog): Election TV campaign ads – Opening Night



Radio NZ: Is New Zealand an unequal society?

Bryce Edwards and Geoffrey Miller (Herald): Twitter 2014: Top 100 list sparks tweet storm

Peter Jackson (Northern Advocate): Unhappy Hone may face driving charge

Stuff: New Donghua Liu donation uncovered

Steve Kilgallon (Stuff): Chinese buyers in rush to NZ

Rob Stock (Stuff): Wealth split worse than most realise

Matthew Beveridge: Twitter stats 22 August

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Changes to MPs allowances

Radio NZ: Housing allowance boost for MPs

No Right Turn: The most bulls* OIA response ever

Comments and questions

Where are the references to Whaleoil? Or have they been replaced by references from the failed TV personality Martyn Bradbury's little read "Daily Blog"?

What interests me here is that Hagars book deals with about 6 or so people. At the centre is Cameron Slater who is a relatively small bogger, given the total landscape of journalists and bloggers in NZ, maybe throw in in a very small way Farrar. Now look at the above list and you have some 30 journalists and bloggers like lilly white pigs flying well clear above the muck.

Now Cameron Slater is pretty low - but also a pretty small fish now being made out to be the kingpin of the whole underworld. - It just does not ring true.

Hagar got off his chuff to the level of reading some emails someone gave him apparently without solicitation. All the other journalists seem to be selecting juicy extracts and re-hashing these with the common mantra.

It seems the opposition parties for the (period covered by these emails) some 5 years have been so good - have told no lies, have never exaggerated, have never attacked anyone personally.

Just the unbalanced nature of what is going on and the low level (comparatively) of what is accused, the lack of digging to potentially support some 45% to 50% of New Zealanders who have believed and probably still do in National - it just strikes me of laziness, by the journalist community. They talk about integrity well I would have expected some comparing and contrasting from them, to provide some balance - but nada - and as we know pigs can't fly and so all these me too journalists howling like the Jews in front of Pilate, have crashed down into the mud and are wallowing in it.

I know there are some issues to be solved but if it sounds too good to be true it certainly is too good to be true. For the left - this is a dream made in heaven - it will be interesting to see NZ when the people have to wake up.