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NZ POLITICS DAILY: August 31 2014

Today’s content

Judith Collins resignation

Sunday Star Times: The real reason behind Judith Collins' demise

Matt Nippert (Sunday Star Times): All the financier's men

RadioLive: More Collins revelations to come – reports

Lynley Bilby (Herald on Sunday): The money men and how they toppled Collins

Herald on Sunday Editorial: Collins hung out to dry by Slater

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Herald on Herald and Slater

John Weekes (Herald): NZ better off without Collins: Karam

Brent Edwards (RNZ): Controversial final months for Collins

RNZ: Resignation won't derail campaign says PM

The Beehive Mandate: Collins resignation – will it impact the election?

Tim Selwyn (Tumeke): Judith Collins be gone

Andrew Geddis (Pundit): Thus, I give up the spear!

John Armstrong (Herald): Key has removed a weeping sore from Nat campaign

Patrick Gower (TV3): Collins: 'I completely refute any such inference'

TVNZ: Collins' resigns amid 'far more serious' allegations – Key

Sharon Fergusson (TVNZ): Collins suffered 'death by a thousand cuts' – Slater

TVNZ: Opposition parties welcome Judith Collins' resignation

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): Judith Collins resigns

Tova O’Brien (TV3): Collins resignation throws campaign into disarray

Brook Sabin (TV3): Judith Collins' fall from grace

Brian Gould: Whose Resignation?

Herald: The email that brought down Judith Collins

Herald: Judith Collins resignation: Latest updates

Hamish Rutherford, Kelly Dennett, Abbie Napier (Stuff): Judith Collins resigns, says she's a victim

Jared Savage (Herald): Collins resigns: Jared Savage and Fran O'Sullivan respond

Derek Cheng (Herald): Collins resigns: Blogger backs mate

RNZ: Collins resigns following new email allegations

Guardian: Judith Collins resigns as NZ justice minister over ties to blogger

Herald: Resignation reaction: 'Too little, too late'

RNZ: Collins' resignation damaging - Labour

Michael Fox, Tom Hunt and David Gadd (Stuff): Party leaders call for full investigation of Government

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Collins resigns

Herald: Statement from Judith Collins

TVNZ: Judith Collins resigns as Minister from Cabinet

TV3: Video: Judith Collins announces resignation

TV3: Collins resigns as minister

Katie Kenny (Stuff): Judith Collins: Career timeline

Herald: Timeline of Collins' career

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Cameron Slater and the media

No Right Turn: Collins' resignation

Occasionally Erudite: Serious questions for Jared Savage and The NZ Herald

Occasionally Erudite: Judith Collins resigns

Ruminator: Some help for Labour

Ben Uffindell (The Civilian): Prime Minister issues Judith Collins with last, definitively final, absolutely penultimate warning

Curwen Rolinson (Daily Blog): GUEST BLOG – Spies, Lies and When Campaigns Are Fried

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): I am not a Crook – Whaleoil crushes Crusher

The Jackal: Corrupt Collins resigns

Comments and questions

Judith Collins is not the victim here

She created the rules alongside her National colleagues who fed the likes of Cameron Slater with illegal information which distorted the truth in the market place and also crucified many innocent people.

Judith has been caught out for being a bad person for many months on a number of situations - John Key was not strong enough to rein her in way back then and eventually gave her 5 final warnings before yesterdays events where he still didn't act like a strong leader and fire her - he let her resign

The new rules were not set by a left wing conspiracy - they were set by a right wing morally corrupt scheme to use bloggers to discredit people or spread false information into the market. They have done this since at least the last election in 2011 - probably even earlier

Hagars book would not be even being discussed today if Collins and other National MP's and supporters hadn't actually done all the dirty tricks that have come out. There would be no book

Now we have a PR stunt sponsored by National that Judith Collins is the victim and people have been spreading lies about her - she has turned on Slater the person she actually sponsored and created as a well known blogger - without her political information his blog site would have been a non event

The only guilty party here is Judith Collins and weak National leadership that condoned her behaviour and let her get away with it.

The funny thing is that it doesn't really matter what National do or have done, they'll still get voted back in because the alternative is a prime minister without the support of his cabinet (Cunliffe), a coalition of a bunch of lunatics (Labour/Green/Conservative/Internet/Mana/NZ First), socialists who have sold for money from a fraudster and criminal, and a left wing that has to resort hacked emails to even have an offchance of winning an election when the entire voting public knows that the left wing politicians are no different and are hypocritical as a result.

The only way the left can win the election is put up a better alternative to National (who are so popular they can rule alone), and we all know there's no chance of that happening. Even if dotcon comes through with a scandal against Key it won't make any difference and the left are living in fairyland if they think otherwise. Labour are going to lose the election by one of the biggest margins ever, and will be an even bigger political laughing stock than the polls suggest they currently are. Scandal, schmandal.

You're living on Planet Key mate. Chances of National governing alone are now about zip. I love the way you write "so popular they can RULE alone". Your language is a window into your attitudes. You are so transparent, it is somehow delightful.

No if Labour were to govern, it wouldn't be by a coalition of such heroic proportions. That's just scare tactics. They might get there in coalition with the Greens, and with confidence and supply from Winnie.

But I think the more probable outcome is National with confidence and supply from Winnie. He then wouldn't need to actually do anything because the Nats seem to be fairly light on policy at this point in the rise and fall of the Key government.

So my guess is that Winne will get to play kingmaker again. Oh joy. But it's by no means certain. The polls are too close to be more definitive than that, when you factor in the variablity of individual polls and the bias of polling in general.