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NZ population growing fastest since 2003

New Zealand's population is growing at its fastest rate for over a decade, according to new estimates released by Statistics New Zealand today.

The country’s population grew by 67,800 people, or 1.5%, in the year to 30 June 2014. This came from natural increase of 29,500 and net migration of 38,300.

New Zealand's estimated resident population was 4.51 million at June 30, 2014.

“This is the first release of population estimates using results from the 2013 Census and Post-enumeration Survey,” population statistics manager Vina Cullum said.

Statistics New Zealand says the estimates are the best available indication of how many people currently live in New Zealand because they include people missed by the census, including those who were temporarily overseas on census night.

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Comments and questions

Is the population growth really aiding to the prosperity of the country. The reality would seem not to be so.

No - it's not enough. They have not factored in the far greater growth problem in the slowing of deaths of the elderly. Due to them sucking up all the healthcare and living longer.
Which is why there is an aging population.
Which is unnatural. In the history of all man. We need more babies, tax payer and we needed them one two and three decades ago.