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NZ ranks 18th in world in technology report

New Zealand has risen a place but is behind Australia in a global technology survey that ranks Sweden top for the second time in a row.

New Zealand ranked 18th out of 138 in the World Economic Forum-Insead Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010, one place behind Australia and a place ahead of Japan. New Zealand was 19th last year and was 22nd in the three previous surveys.

New Zealand ranked third for political and regulatory environment but for government readiness it ranked 28th. It ranked 13th on a measure of individual usage and 24th for business usage. The country ranked 19th in a measure of infrastructure environment.

Eleven European economies featuring among the top 20 of the world's best performers.

Besides the Nordics and Switzerland, the Netherlands was 11th, Germany 13th, Luxembourg 14th, the United Kingdom 15th and France 20th.

The New Zealand Institute director Rick Boven said a strong commitment to developing information and communication technology and innovation was crucial for building a high-performing, competitive, and resilient economy.

Comments and questions

And I'm sitting with 2Mbps "broadband"...

I guess spin is in as the report addresses "Networked Readiness" and has nothing to do with actual technological advantage. There are some notable points such as being ahead of Japan and Israel, but there are many other points in the report that belie the ranking. After being ranked 18th is just a number.

Makes me think about this post from OECD blog which describes how to predict which technologies will ultimately make the most money.

Heh.... don't worry about "government readiness" what about "a government strategy?" At the moment it seems to be:
SUCCESS = FIBRE + [Ummmm..... Magic?]

i was in uruguay a few months ago and was amazed --and VERY happy-- that the buses had *free* wifi!

- just sayin' ;-)

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