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NZ signs on to new climate change plan

The government will not commit to a second round of the Kyoto Protocol, climate change Minister Tim Groser has announced.

It will instead sign up to the United Nations convention framework from January 1, 2013.

Mr Groser says the government will still honour its existing Kyoto commitments.

"We will remain full members of the Kyoto Protocol. There is no question of withdrawing."

New Zealand has broken ranks with Australia, which is committing to the second round.

He says the move to the UN convention aligns New Zealand with other major economies such as the US, Japan, China, India, Canada, Brazil and Russia. 

Comments and questions

Why would anyone sign up to anything that had it genesis at the United Nations? It is a bogus organization staffed and run by people whose political philosophies are violent and brutal.

Does this mean livestock into the ETS is out?

Groser has done well here. NZ is out of the damaging Kyoto system at the end of the year and part of the bullsh*t but harmless UN talkfest, like China, the US etc. He's also gutted the stupid ETS this week. And he's done it without much political fuss from the Greens.