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NZSO's Anzac concert features Polish composer's famous symphony

We Remember
The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Music, Mateship & Memories

Body, Little Elegies
Sculthorpe, Memento Mori
Gorecki, Symphony No. 3
(Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)
Hamish McKeich conductor
Sara MacLiver soprano


Auckland Town Hall

May 2

Michael Fowler Centre
May 3

The NZSO’s concert We Remember marks the commemoration of Anzac Day and the centenary of the start of World War I with New Zealander Jack Body’s Little Elegies, Australian Peter Sculthorpe’s Memento Mori and Polish Henryk Górecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. Each composition is influenced by acts of human violence throughout history.

Górecki, the Polish composer composed his Symphony No 3, in 1977 but it was not until the mid 1990’s that it enjoyed wide spread popularity, becoming one of the biggest sellers of classical music of all time. The text for the soloist is in the evocative second movement: they were the words of an 18-year-old girl written on the wall of a Gestapo prison in 1944.

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