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NZTE picks new ad agency partner

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise has appointed Special Group as its lead ad agency after a pitch.

NZTE marketing director Nick Swallow says the process was run under the new all of government ad services contract.

“We were looking for an agency partner with a strong strategic capability and creative response and the ability to understand what we’re trying to achieve,

“Special demonstrated all three in its pitch.”

Mr Swallow says while Special will work on the New Zealand International Business Awards in New Zealand, its focus will be on international promotion, such as food promotion around Asia.

He says NZTE also works with design & production agency Hawkins & Co.

Special Group managing partner Michael Redwood says helping Kiwi business around the world is inspiring for the agency as it is also a New Zealand entrepreneur.

NZTE already has brand assets developed as part of the “NZ Story” project - a collaboration between NZTE, Tourism NZ and Education NZ.  Mr Swallow was acting director of that project. 

Some $3 million of funding has gone to "NZ Story" already and has an indicative annual budget for the next financial year of $2.3 million, funded from several government agencies.

That work was done by Assignment Group after initial concepts by Australian branding agency Principals.

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Comments and questions

This Government Agency seems to produce nothing of real benefit to the export community, yet it finds ways to consign considerable taxpayers $$ down the S bend.
The last Government review of NZTE in 2010 authored by Sue Suckling and Murray Horn was less that complimentary.
What have they done since then that actually justifies its continued existence?

The Govt. agency, as do many others, keeps the public employment pool off the WINZ list while pretending to be providing a service by paying consultants and external services to provide inputs at great cost. Its just a cycle. E.g. The OA seeks external professional advice including legal opinions before acting and wants funding from creditors otherwise it will not pursue assets that are siphoned off and away by finance company directors. This NZ scene is just a pure joke of 60% + debt and 40% + tax payer funded economic activity. Very little sustainable deep economic growth other than milking a fix number of cows.